Tuesday , 19 August 2014
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Camper Gets Killed By Drive-By Shooter While He Sleeps


According to Authorities a Michigan camper was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting on Tuesday. The man was killed while sleeping along the coast of Oregon. The shooter shot at least 5 vehicles, before he turned the gun on himself. At this time there is no motive for the shooting an investigation is in the process. However, the suspect, ... Read More »

Governor Perry Turns Himself In


It is the first time in nearly 100 years that a governor of Texas has been indicted. This occurred when James Ferguson, was found guilty and then removed from office for the act of vetoing funding for the University of Texas when he had some objections to a few faculty members. Governor Rick Perry is the longest serving governor in ... Read More »

Taylor Swift to release her new album


The 24 year old talented young singer Taylor Swift has announced her first documented Pop Album. The actress said that the album will be released on October 29. She said that the name of the album will be ’1989′ on her birth year. The talented singer has said good bye to her country music at least for now and would ... Read More »

Ancient Pterosaurs once ruled the skies


A recent study has revealed that giant toothless Pterosaur species ruled the skies around 60 million years ago. Experts believed that the toothless giants have played an important role in end of cretaceous period. The study highlighted that the pterosaur had no teeth and belong to Azhdarchidae family. The research also revealed that the toothless giants replayed their toothed ancestors ... Read More »

Escaped Ebola patients still missing in Liberia


Confusion is looming on the fate of the Ebola affected people in Liberia. No confirmed reports have come to establish their whereabouts. 17 suspected patients of Ebola escaped the Medical Facility centre in Liberian Capital when it was looted by armed men. An angry mob also attacked the medical centre. However, all the patients have been moved to other centres ... Read More »

Iraqi force launches major operation to reclaim Tikrit


On Tuesday, the Iraqi military forces launched a massive operation to retake the city of Tikrit from Islamic militants. A senior official claimed that the government has approved the military operation in which the Iraqi forces along with Shiite volunteers are taking part to reclaim the lost territory of Tikrit, hometown of former executed dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. The ... Read More »

Iceland raises Volcanic Eruption alarm


Thousands of small earthquakes are still shaking Iceland as the fear of volcanic eruption grows. The authority has already raised an alarm for the aviation in Iceland. The alarm level raised is Orange which is the second most in severity level. Seismologists say that the volcanic eruptions may soon take place at the Vatnajokull glacier which is Iceland’s largest one. However, ... Read More »

Pope’s relatives killed in road crash


On Tuesday, three family members of Pope Francis died in a road accident in Argentina. An eight months old baby and two years old child were among the dead members.   The police officials at Cordoba confirmed the accident and mentioned that Pope’s nephew Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio hit a truck on the highway at midnight. The victims were immediately rushed to ... Read More »

Gaza rocket ends the ceasefire, triggers Israeli air strikes


On Tuesday, a rocket fired toward Israel ruptured the shaky truce called between Israel and Gaza.  After the rocket fired by Hamas, Israel started air strikes across the Gaza strip. However no group has taken the responsibility of the attack. The Israeli army officials claimed that the rockets fired by Hamas fell in open market area causing damage in marketplace. ... Read More »

Ukraine blames rebels for civilians deaths in East


Ukraine has strengthen its grip on the Eastern Ukraine and the rebels. The Ukrainian Government has blamed the rebels for firing rocket on civilians. According to the sources, the civilians were trying to flee from the confrontation of the government forces and rebels. However, dozens of them were killed by the rocket. The Kiev has blamed the rebels of taking ... Read More »