Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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Cloud Accounts Hacked Nude Photos Released Should You Be Worried

cloud data

Cloud a great solution to additional digital space? Maybe not. Dozens of nude and risque pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been hacked online on Sunday. These pictures were stored on cloud. According to Clifford Neuman, the director of the USC for Computer System Security, There is much more data that gets sucked into sites such ... Read More »

Rock age calculated using modern luminescence dating technique


The etchings and sketches found on the rocks at Canyonlands National Park were believed to be 2000 to 4000 years old. But with a modern technology, the archaeologists from Utah State University have discovered that the artifacts are quite younger than they were thought. The sketches were found to be 1000 to 2000 years old. The modem luminescence dating technology ... Read More »

Pupfish population in Nevada Desert is at stake


According to the new study researchers from University of Nevada has claimed that the pup fish population in Nevada desert is at stake due to climate change. The researchers have claimed that the climate change has led to the increase in geothermal water and the water temperature is now at threshold. According to few researchers at the rapid increase in ... Read More »

Mellisa Rivers Speaks To Joan River’s Fans And Says We Are Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

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Melissa, Joan River’s daughter took time to thank the public for the outpouring of support and well wishes in regard to her mother’s medical condition. She said that the family is keeping their fingers crossed as to the recovery. Rivers was transported to a hospital in New York last Thursday when a complication during an outpatient procedure. The sharp comedian ... Read More »

Wedding Gown Of Diana Is To Be Returned To Price William And Harry


Dianna’s stunning wedding gown may be placed on permanet display the the Kensington Place as many calls have been made in this reguard by the Diana Appreciation Society. The bridal gown is the one worn by Lady Dianna, Princess of Whales. The gown is now being returned to her sons Prince William and Harry. According to the Diana Appreciation Society ... Read More »

Endangered killer whale population declining at alarming rate


The endangered orca whale population is declining with a rapid pace after two more deaths were recorded in year 2014 in Puget Sound. Since 2012 no new calves of the killer whale has been reported which is alarming. A biologist and whale expert from Centre for Whale Research, Ken Balcomb claimed that these whales are now hunting in small group ... Read More »

Antarctica sea level rise poses a serious threat


A report released by University of Southampton revealed that the rate of sea level rise would be higher in Antarctica as compared to global average rate. The detailed research about the study was published in online journal Nature Geoscience. The research was studied by Craig Rye, geosciences expert at National Oceanography Center and lead author at British Antarctic survey. The ... Read More »

New Discovery : Neanderthals were cave artists


A new discovery has revealed that our distant ancestors, Neanderthals were good at cave art and painting. The cave carving and etchings at Gorham’s Cave indicates the artistic characteristics of our hominid ancestors. The research highlighted that Neanderthals were not only intelligent but they were expressive. Our hominid ancestors chose the artistic way to express their feelings. The detailed report ... Read More »

Volcano Erupts yet again in Iceland


Iceland is suffering from the continuous Volcanic Eruptions. The situation becomes worse as new volcanic eruption has again disrupted Iceland. The lava has been thrown to 200 feet high in the sky in Southern Iceland. The eruption is taking place from the old Holuhraun lava field. This is situated between Bardarbunga volcano and Askja volcano. The scientists said that the ... Read More »

Passenger Pigeon: 100 Years of Extinction


Animals face many challenges from Environment, Climate, Natural Calamity and many other factors. However, no other factor is as dangerous as human hunting. Many animals got extinct because of over hunting and Passenger Pigeon was one of them. Passenger Pigeon which once flown over North American Sky in huge numbers is extinct today. On 1st September, 1914, 100 years ago ... Read More »