Friday , 1 August 2014
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Katy Perry Sings at the White House, Receives Praises From Obama

Katy Perry sings at the White House’s gala dinner on Thursday night to honor the 46th anniversary of the Special Olympics and its founder, Eunice Shriver. U.S. President Barack Obama praised Perry in his opening remarks and mentioned that the singer is one of his favorite people. Obama also mentioned that he met Perry’s mom, who is a conservative who ... Read More »

Uganda Court Strikes Down Antigay Law

Uganda court on Friday overturns the antigay law which was enacted in February of this year  which caused international criticism and Western countries cutting of aid to Uganda. A panel of five constitutional court judges ruled that the law was invalid since the Ugandan parliament passed the bill without the necessary quorum of lawmakers. The law sought to strengthen the ... Read More »

Ceasefire violated by Hamas; kidnapped Israel Soldier


Fresh Israeli attacks on Gaza has taken lives of 50 more Palestine people. Israel said that Hamas broke the truce immediately the ceasefire was announced. Israel Defence ministry said that the Hamas kidnapped one of their soldier and killed two. Israel then retaliated with more shelling and fires injuring at least 250 in Gaza. It was 72 hour ceasefire attempt ... Read More »

16-Foot Waves Recorded In Arctic Ocean, Scientists Raise Concern

About 16-foot waves were observed recently in the Arctic Ocean for the first time, scientists say. The waves were recorded in the Beaufort Sea, an area north of Alaska. Scientists said the recent waves are the only known wave measurements in the central Beaufort Sea because until recently the region was permanently covered with ice throughout the summer and there ... Read More »

Spain orders the evacuation of embassy staff from Libya


On Friday, Spain’s foreign ministry declared that they are planning for the temporary evacuation of their embassy staff from Libya amid the crisis. According to the reports, the situation is very volatile and worsening every day. The ministry stated that they planned for evacuation of unspecified numbers of Spaniards from the country. The ministry also claimed that on Tuesday, their ... Read More »

Powerful gas explosions kills 24 people in Taiwan


On Friday, the gas leakage led to multiple powerful explosions that killed 24 people in southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. The underground explosion ripped apart several roads, manhole and bridges in the second largest city of Taiwan. The explosions caused a severe damage to the public property in the city. The Government officials claimed that the leakage occurred in underground ... Read More »

US and UN announces Humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza for 72 hours


On Friday, the secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon and US secretary John Kerry announced 72 hours of unconditional ceasefire in Gaza. The announcement stated that the Israeli military will stay in its place during the truce. The ceasefire did not ask the Israeli military to withdraw from the region. The reports suggest that few hours before the truce ... Read More »

Poultry Plants Can Now Inspect their own Birds


The Agriculture Department gave plant operators the right to inspect their own birds for imperfections and feces on the processing lines. By allowing this, government inspectors will be now able to concentrate more on the safety of other food issues in the plants.   According to Tom Vilsack, the Agriculture secretary, this new ruling is the biggest change in food ... Read More »

New Study Reveals Gene That Predicts Suicide Risk


According to scientists they have discovered a genetic link to stress response that could decide the likelihood of a person committing suicide. The hope is that it would take no more than a blood test to determine the risk a person has to commit suicide.   The researchers were a group from John Hopkins. The study involved comparing brain tissue ... Read More »