Friday , 11 July 2014
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Suspected prostitute arrested for the death of Google employee


According to the report, Police officials arrested the prostitute for killing the Google employee by injecting drugs. Alix Catherine Tichleman, the accused was detained by the police officials over the charges of killing Forrest Timothy Hayes the Google executive by heroin overdose. The body of the Google employee was recovered from the yacht in the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor. ... Read More »

Wild fire grows in central Washington


According to a report by US disaster management unit, the wild fire is continuously growing in central Washington and has charred 28 square miles in just two days. The fire fighting officials also reported that another fire erupted in the nearby area followed by the dry conditions. Rick Scriven, the fire fighter spokesperson said, “The wildfire near Entiat has burned ... Read More »

Five Journalists sentenced 10 years of imprisonment in Myanmar


A court in Myanmar declared 10 years of jail imprisonment for five journalists over the false reporting regarding the chemical weapons. According to the court judgment, the journalists have violated country’s State Secrets Act and have threatened country’s national security. Tint San, the editor and four other journalists with magazine named Unity Voice were detained in the month of January. The ... Read More »

US secretary John Kerry visits Afghanistan


United States secretary, John Kerry made a visit to Afghanistan on Thursday to resolve the election crisis. Since last month the country is suffering from election crisis where both the candidates are claiming victory. The standoff between the two candidates, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah and former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is worsening day by day. Earlier, economist Ashraf ... Read More »

Russia shuts three borders with Ukraine


On Thursday, Russian officials reported that Russia has decided to close three borders crossing with Ukraine. The step was taken after heavy fighting in Ukraine erupted. A prominent Russian newspaper also reported that on Thursday late night, the government authorities decided to close the border they share with Ukraine. Pro Russian rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine have already ... Read More »

Israeli rockets continues to kill more Palestinians


On Friday, the Israeli air strike killed four people in Palestine, raising the toll rate to 85 since last four days. On the other hand, Palestinian rocket hit an oil tanker in Israel caused huge blaze. Israeli officials claimed that they are determined to destroy the terror sites in Gaza and they could order the ground invasion, first such type ... Read More »

Pennsylvania Selective Service Sends Out Draft Notices To The Dead

selective service

The Selective service sent out notices of the draft to 14,000 Pennsylvania men ordering them to register with the military or be fined or possible jailed. The men that the notices were sent out to were born between the years of 1893 and 1897.   Selective Service did not know about their error until relatives of the men began to ... Read More »

The Mississippi Baby That Was Thought Cured Of HIV, Tests Positive


The Mississippi Baby that The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease declared cured of HIV last March, has now had HIV present once again.   The news was disappointing to the medical staff involved in the child’s care. This was also a blow to the HIV/AIDS research. This occurrence reminds everyone that there is still a lot to learn ... Read More »

Disappearing U.S. Salamanders Worry Scientists

The America’s largest salamander is slowly disappearing and it is disturbing for scientists. U.S. salamander, also called as hellbenders, is the third largest in the world and scientists are determining why and how they are vanishing from the 16 states they populate. Researchers did not immediately recognize how rapidly their populations were dwindling because of their long lifespan. Hellbenders can ... Read More »

Baby Thought To Be ‘Cured’ Of HIV Has Infection Again

The Mississippi baby that was declared “cured” of HIV last March has been found to have detectable level of the virus once again. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease announced Thursday that a recent checkup to a now 4-year old child showed a positive HIV test result. The child has resumed receiving anti-HIV medications. Pediatric HIV specialist Dr. ... Read More »