Thursday , 2 October 2014
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Shells hit Ukrainian school and bus, at least 3 killed


A shell landed 5 meters from Donetsk’s School 57 around 10 a.m., shattering windows and entryways on the first and second floors, neighborhood authorities said. It was the first day of the school year in revolutionary controlled ranges of the Donetsk locale, an introduction that was deferred by a month due to shelling and conflicts in the middle of separatists ... Read More »

New origin of story takes place of conquering the moon


There’s an investigative level headed discussion underway about the inceptions of maybe the most unmistakable man around, and no, it has nothing to do with a certain president’s introduction to the world testament. For a long time, specialists have arrived at diverse decisions about what shaped the peculiarity frequently alluded to as the “Man in the Moon,” and this week ... Read More »

Secret Service director Pierson resigns


Pierson had been introduced by Obama in March 2013 as the first female officer in the office’s 148-year history. Her arrangement was pointed partially at helping the agency conquer a notoriety for being a young men club after a prostitution embarrassment the past year. She kept a low profile during her first year on the job but was thrust into ... Read More »

New NATO secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrives in NATO headquarters


“We see opportunity in the cease-fire that has now been established in the eastern Ukraine,”NATO’s new secretary-general on Wednesday struck a more conciliatory tone on Russia, saying there is now a chance for improved relations between Moscow and the West. On the day he took office, Stoltenberg told reporters he sees “no inconsistency” between a solid NATO and the journey ... Read More »

Apple Pay Signals New Era at Cash Register


ebay was Paypal’s parent organization, yet the two organizations published they would part forever on Tuesday. Paypal at last got incorporated with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 cell phone, which has an unique finger impression scanner like Apple’s Touch ID sensor on the iphone. Clients can attach their Paypal record to the finger impression sensor on Samsung’s telephone and log in without ... Read More »

For the second time Michael Phelps arrested for DUI charge


Michael Phelps was arrested early Tuesday in Baltimore, charged for drunken driving for the second time. Phelps, known as the “Baltimore Bullet” and champ of 18 Olympic gold decorations, was captured at around 1:40 a.m. also accused of driving impaired, intemperate speed and intersection twofold path lines inside the Fort Mchenry Tunnel on I-95 in Baltimore, the power said in ... Read More »

President Obama Meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi


President Obama met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning. It is marked as the first bilateral summit between the two heads of state. The President perceived the Prime Minister’s memorable triumph in the Indian general race recently, and the two pioneers examined the expansive organization that exists between the United States and India. “It is an extraordinary pleasure ... Read More »

Let’s Know About the Texas Ebola Patient


To stop the deadly Ebola virus from spreading in the U.S., health officials said they have already started tracing anyone involved with the first Ebola patient to be diagnosed here. He is being treated at Dallas hospital. Federal and state health officials say the patient traveled from Liberia on Sept. 19. Identity of the Patient: The patient is from Liberia. ... Read More »

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s First Wedding Pictures Published!


It has been a news from the moment it happened, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wedding ceremony. They got married on Sept. 27 in Venice, Italy. Now their wedding picture is out. They sold the rights to the wedding photos to  People magazine in the US  and Hello magazine for world publication.  People magazine published three photos on its cover. In pictures, fans discover Oscar ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Sales to Start Oct. 17 in China


Good news for the people of china. New iPhone 6 will started selling in China from Oct 17.  It has passed all the tests and approved from regulators who scrutinized the device’s security features because of  rising concerns in the country about privacy. This move brings the iPhone 6 and the big-screen iPhone 6 Plus to China and it is going to be one ... Read More »