Wednesday , 23 July 2014
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Studies Show Dogs Experience Jealousy


Researcher say that dogs do get jealous. In the study dogs showed attention seeking responses when their owners gave affection to stuffed dogs.   In addition dogs showed the same jealous behavior when their owners played with other dogs. The study was published in the journal “Plos One”.   According to Christine Harris, a psychology professor at UCSD, the study ... Read More »

17 Year-Old Pilot Dies In Crash Father Still Missing


A 17 year old Indiana boy crashed his single-engine plane into water not long after he took off from Pago that is located in American Samoa. The young pilot was involved in a charity flight that was to be flown around the world. Wednesday it all ended.   The pilot of the small plane was Haris Suleman who was a ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Release Date


It’s not just the specifications and appearance of the iPhone 6 that were having rumors and ‘leaks’. Now, a prediction on when it will be released has also been making rounds on the internet.     According to the analysts that calculated the date, they have based it from data about product releases of Apple in the previous years. They ... Read More »

Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams on Come and get it Bae


Pharell Williams’ definitely did great on his new music video entitled “Come Get It Bae”. The star’s previous track, Happy, made rumors that most of the parts were copied from an older song. From the dance moves and more.      Looks like his new video will never be faced with that kind of rumor as Miley Cyrus was included ... Read More »

Snoop Dogg Smoked Pot in the White House


Snoop Dogg definitely feels a little braver after admitting that he smoked weed in the White House. Or maybe, Snoop just didn’t care?        The famous rapper made an appearance at Double G News Network with Jimmy Kimmel. The well-known talk show host then asked him if he ever tried smoking week in the White House. Snoop Dogg ... Read More »

Obama Administration Proposes Phasing Out Old Rail Cars


A new proposal has been made by the Obama administration which focuses on eliminating older tank cars that are tied to a lethal wrecking last year. It also included bringing down the speed limits to diminish crude oil hauling.        The said proposal also focuses on improving braking systems. The said situation is applicable to shipments of corn-based ... Read More »

47 Killed in Plane Crash


On Wednesday, Taiwan has been experiencing strong winds and rains due to Typhoon Matmo that was entering the area. A plane crashed into a small village because of the bad weather killing at least 47 people.       The TransAsia Airways plane was heading to Magong, Penghu Island from Kaohsiung. 58 passengers and crew members were aboard. The number ... Read More »

Google Offers $1 Million For Inventor of Small Power Inverter

Google Inc. announces Little Box Challenge Tuesday with a prize amounting to $1 million for any team that can create a smaller and cheaper power inverter. Power inverters are tools that turn direct energy gathered from solar or wind sources into power that can be stored in batteries and turn it into the current that can power homes, offices, cars, ... Read More »

Red Cross Appeals to Blood Donors, Blood Shortage Fear

The American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for blood donors, stressing that the agency could experience an emergency situation in the coming weeks if blood donations do not increase. Red Cross said blood donations have dropped by 8 percent in the past 11 weeks that result to about 80,000 lower than expected donations. Red Cross spokesman Vince Robinson ... Read More »

NYPD Investigate Inside Job Angle on Brooklyn Bridge Flag Switch

Police is pursuing an inside job angle in planting of two white flags atop of the Brooklyn Bridge towers Tuesday. Police Deputy Commissioner John Miller said they are looking into an “insider angle,” as the vandals managed to get over a locked gate, and covered the huge lights mounted at the towers using aluminum roasting pans that were just the ... Read More »