Sunday , 21 September 2014
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Demonstration For Climate Change Held In Midtown Manhattan


Demonstrators marched through Midtown Manhattan on Sunday morning. They were seen with drums, tubas, banners and floats. The marchers were all expressing their demands on climate change through loud chants and demonstrations.   The crowd was composed of people in various ages, races, locales and interests. Some were known scientists, politicians as well as religious leaders. All of them demands ... Read More »

MIT BioSuit: New Spacesuits Being Developed


MIT researchers are currently developing a new suit for future NASA astronauts. The said spacesuits will be designed as skintight which will allow astronauts more mobility in space as well as provide them comfort.   The existing space suits are indeed bulky which in return, decreases an astronaut’s mobility. The suits that are currently being developed, MIT BioSuit, is believed ... Read More »

Hackers Uploaded Naked Photos Of Kim Kardashian


Just weeks ago, hackers were able to breach in to a number of celebrities’ iCloud accounts and stole private pictures which was uploaded in a forum but quickly removed after and now, a new hacking incident has risen and it involves Kim Kardashian.   Nude pics of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star were posted on 4chan and Reddit ... Read More »

Desperate Housewives Polly Bergen Dies At Age 84


Famous stage star and singer Polly Bergen had died Saturday. She was 84. According to the actress’ publicist, Judy Katz, Bergen died at her home due to natural causes. Katz also reported that the actress died peacefully. She was surrounded with all the people she loves, her family, friends and even her long-time manager Jan McCormack.   Polly Bergen was ... Read More »

Joan Rivers Recently Posted On Social Media Promoting Apple iPhone 6


Fans of comedian Joan Rivers were surprised to see a recent post on the famous star’s social media accounts. The status update, which appeared after Apple unveiled their latest products, was all about promoting Apple’s newest iPhone 6.   The status update: “This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one), I got this one in 2010, ... Read More »

“Rolling Jubilee” Project Helped Eliminate $4 Million Student Debt Loans


Many families have been very happy with Occupy Wall Street‘s “Rolling Jubilee” project which have helped slash of at least 4 million dollars in student loan. The said project bought unpaid student loans that amounts to 4 million dollars. The move was able to remove burden of 3,000 students. Corinthian Colleges were the target of the group.   The group, ... Read More »

Uber Users Not Satisfied With Navigation Services


Uber customers have always been happy with the service they are being provided but a portion of customers, mostly Uber riders, have been complaining about the very confusing navigation process.   After Uber received the complaints, they rolled out a new in-app navigation feature which let users state their destination before going inside the car and provide turn-by-turn directions but ... Read More »

Olive Garden Will Provide Food For Members Of Kids’ Clubs


Olive Garden has built a strong relationship with Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and as part of their on-going partnership, the company will be providing their special deliver service to kick off their annual Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion.   Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Flint members will be receiving a special meal courtesy of Olive Garden ... Read More »

Jobless Rate In San Bernardino Decreased


Officials from the California Employment Development Department recently released updated information regarding the unemployment rate in San Bernardino County. According to EDD, the August jobless rate is at 8.2 percent. It was 9.0 percent during July. Various businesses have bloomed and stepped up in hiring people from the counties.   Meanwhile in Riverside County, unemployment rate is at 9.2 percent. ... Read More »

Man Arrested After Refusing To Move Away From The White House


Just less than 24 hours after the White House intruder was arrested, another man was apprehended by authorities Saturday after he refused to move away from the presidential mansion.   The Secret Service arrested 42-year-old Omar Gonzalez after he jumped over the security fence and rush towards the White House’s door. Initial reports claim that the man was unarmed but ... Read More »