Saturday , 12 July 2014
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Jackson State Senator Chris McDaniel Questionable Ballots


Chris McDaniel State Senator is still not giving up to his incumbent United States Senator Thad Cochran. McDaniel said that his campaign workers have found 8,300 questionable ballots all from all across the state. The reason for the question about the ballots is that many of the votes were cast by ineligible voters during the runoff on June 24th. On ... Read More »

Man Arrested For Shooting Six Collapses Twice In Court

man collapses

In Houston, a man that was accused of a mass killing of 6 family members collapsed in the courtroom twice Friday. The man is on trial or killing six of his ex-wife’s family members after he forced his way into their home. Four of the dead were children. It was during a probable cause hearing that Ronald Lee Haskell collaped ... Read More »

“Harry Potter” Actor Dave Legeno Found Dead After Hiking California’s Death Valley

Police confirms that “Harry Potter” actor Dave Legeno was found dead after climbing Death Valley in California last Sunday. Reports said 50-year old Legeno was discovered early Sunday morning by a pair of hikers. Reports said Inyo County Sheriff’s office had dispatched a helicopter to locate and recover the body of the British actor. Legeno was known for playing Fenrir ... Read More »

Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses Twice in Court

The man accused of shooting to death six people in Houston on Wednesday passes out twice in his court appearance Friday. Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, collapsed while the judge is reading the capital murder charges against him. Court bailiffs caught the muscular suspect before he could fall to the ground and he stood for about another minute before he passed ... Read More »

Japan Hit by Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake, Triggers Small Tsunami

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake jolted the northern coast Japan early Saturday, triggering a small tsunami. The earthquake hit the coast near the nuclear power plant that crippled in the 2011 tsunami. The Meteorological Agency of Japan said the quake was recorded 10 kilometers below the sea surface off the coast of Fukushima and it was also felt in in Tokyo, ... Read More »

Spider venom can kill insects specifically


Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found that insecticides prepared from spider venom can kill the insects specifically without affecting the environment. Frank Bosmans, the research member revealed that toxin from desert bush spider reacts differently on insects. The researchers found that toxin is lethal for few insects while it does not affect few insects. According to the researchers, the ... Read More »

Genetic inheritance makes chimpanzees intelligent


A recent study has shown that like humans, Chimpanzee’s inherit their intelligence from their ancestors. The detailed report about the study was published in the journal Current Biology. The study revealed that the chimpanzees trained by humans are as intelligent as the chimpanzee that lives in wild because they inherit the intelligence genes from their parents. The tests were conducted ... Read More »

Adelson, Buffett and Gates slammed Congress for the immigration reform


A casino mogul and major Republican donor, Sheldon Adelson came together with Business tycoon bill gates and investor king Warren Buffett to scold the congressmen for not cooperating to pass a strong immigration law. The trio urged the lawmakers to find a common solution for passing immigration reforms. They wrote a letter to both the houses of Washington and mentioned ... Read More »

Weather Report : Polar Vortex may comeback


Weather scientists predict that Polar Vortex that hit the United States last year might come back again this summer. The metrological report claimed that chilly winds might hit the north western part of the country next week. The report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration mentioned that a pool of cold air from Alaska’s gulf will move to ... Read More »

Suspected prostitute arrested for the death of Google employee


According to the report, Police officials arrested the prostitute for killing the Google employee by injecting drugs. Alix Catherine Tichleman, the accused was detained by the police officials over the charges of killing Forrest Timothy Hayes the Google executive by heroin overdose. The body of the Google employee was recovered from the yacht in the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor. ... Read More »