Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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New Discovery : Neanderthals were cave artists


A new discovery has revealed that our distant ancestors, Neanderthals were good at cave art and painting. The cave carving and etchings at Gorham’s Cave indicates the artistic characteristics of our hominid ancestors. The research highlighted that Neanderthals were not only intelligent but they were expressive. Our hominid ancestors chose the artistic way to express their feelings. The detailed report ... Read More »

Volcano Erupts yet again in Iceland


Iceland is suffering from the continuous Volcanic Eruptions. The situation becomes worse as new volcanic eruption has again disrupted Iceland. The lava has been thrown to 200 feet high in the sky in Southern Iceland. The eruption is taking place from the old Holuhraun lava field. This is situated between Bardarbunga volcano and Askja volcano. The scientists said that the ... Read More »

Passenger Pigeon: 100 Years of Extinction


Animals face many challenges from Environment, Climate, Natural Calamity and many other factors. However, no other factor is as dangerous as human hunting. Many animals got extinct because of over hunting and Passenger Pigeon was one of them. Passenger Pigeon which once flown over North American Sky in huge numbers is extinct today. On 1st September, 1914, 100 years ago ... Read More »

Super Volcano Eruption at Yellowstone not expected in near future


There is no doubt that the Yellowstone National Park remains the centre of interest for many people across the globe. However, the Super Volcanic Eruption is the most favourite topic for the people. The USGS or United States Geological Survey said that there is possibility that Super Volcano Eruption takes place in Yellowstone but not in coming few centuries. The ... Read More »

Sea Level has increased by 0.8 inches


A team of scientists have discovered that the sea level of the entire continent has increased up to 0.8 inches. The scientists have measured the sea level and collected the information from the records of the satellite. The Scientists have concluded that the salinity of the water has also reduced considerably. The major reason behind the reduction of salinity is ... Read More »

WHO Places Senegal ‘Top Priority Emergency’ in Efforts to Control Ebola

World Health Organization places the Senegal on Sunday at “a top priority emergency” in its effort to contain Ebola cases in West African region. Senegal reported its first Ebola case which was a 21-year-old student who came from Guinea to the capital of Senegal, Dakar, and was tested positive for the contagious virus on Friday. WHO said Senegal faces an ... Read More »

Liberia’s Stay-Home Order Extends for Another Month Amid Ebola Crisis

The president of Liberia extends on Monday her stay-home order for another month for most civil servants in the country to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf instructed non-essential workers not to come to work and assured that all of them would still get paid. Last week, Liberia also ordered schools to remain ... Read More »

Coffee and Nap: Potent Combination to Improve Alertness

Drinking coffee before taking a nap is the best way to boost alertness, researchers say. Researchers called it the ‘coffee nap’. It is given that caffeinated drinks help people to stay awake, but caffeine usually hit the brain after about 20 minutes. Researchers said that consuming a cup of coffee before a 20 minutes or less nap will heightens the ... Read More »

Japan Reports 19 New Dengue Fever Cases

Japan confirms 19 new cases of dengue fever on Monday, bringing the total number of infected people to 22, local health authority said. Japanese health authority said none of the patients had record of overseas travel recently, but they all have visited Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and are believed to have been bitten there by mosquitoes carrying the virus. It ... Read More »

Suspected Ebola Patient in Sweden Tests Negative

A suspected Ebola patient in Sweden tests negative of the contagious Ebola virus on Monday, health official says. Aake Oertqvist, head of the Stockholm’s communicable diseases, said the man is a foreign national who travelled to Sweden from an Ebola-affected area last week and was admitted in a hospital on Sunday. He said the patient’s test result shows no sign ... Read More »