Sunday , 27 July 2014
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False Memories With Lack Of Sleep

lack of sleep

A new study published in Psychological Science Journal of Association for Psychological Science, when a person does not get the proper amount of sleep, it could lead to false memories. When a person is unable to sleep for a long period of time their mood may be affected. It also can cause anxiousness during waking hours. According to the study, ... Read More »

Type 2 Diabetes Linked To Shift Work

shift workers

A new study says that those that work shifts have a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. This new study adds to the ongoing data that shift workers are at higher risks for digestive diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The new study’s findings were reported in the July 24th Journal of Occupational And Environmental Medicine. It is not secret ... Read More »

Maine Family Found Dead In Apartment


Sunday morning in Saco Maine, a family of five were found dead. Among the dead in the Southern Main apartment were three children. The state police stated that the bodies of the father, mother and the three children were found in thier apartment according the the police spokesman. The police Chief Brad Paul said that there did not seem to ... Read More »

Plane Emergency Landing Kills Father and Daughter injured Walking On The Beach

emergency plane crash

A small plane has to take an emergency landing. The landing kills a father walking on the beach with his daughter. Plane pilot and passenger ok. In Sarasota, FL a father and daughter were walking on the beach when a small plane had to crash land along Florida’s cost near Venice Beach. This crash landing left the father dead and ... Read More »

Philadelphia Offers Reward Of $100K For Car-Jack Suspects


Two men in Philadelphia high-jacked a vehicle and the incident cased 3 children to die. In addition to the dead, 3 adults were injured as well on Friday. The car-jacking took place in a North Philly neighborhood when the children were in the process of selling fruit for a benefit for their church. The police launched a massive man hunt ... Read More »

Woman Injured During Comic-Con Zombie Walk


A 64-year-old woman was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering serious arm injuries when a car hit her during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk in San Diego.      The ZombieWalk has been a tradition of Comic-Con since 2007 where attendees are dressed in their desired zombie attires complete with blood designs and perfect zombie makeup. During the walk, a ... Read More »

Philippines Welcomes 100th Million Citizen


On Sunday, Philippine officials welcomed their country’s 100th millionth citizen.     According to Juan Antonio Perez, executive director of the Commission on Population, the baby girl who was named “Chonalyn” was born after midnight which made the estimated population reach 100,000,000. Chonalyn was welcomed with baby stuff gifts and some cake.     Though many people made comments regarding ... Read More »

2 Dead, in the Hancock County plane crash


Two people riding on a private plane died as it crashed in the Hancock County. The Sheriff of the Hancock county has confirmed the crash and said both of the people sitting in the plane died at the spot. The police confirmed that the incident took place at around 1.30 Am in the morning of Sunday. However, the actual reason ... Read More »

Study : Trees reduces respiratory problems and saves 850 lives annually


According to a new study, trees save 850 lives a year and saves from several acute respiratory problems. The study was conducted by the United States Forest Service and collaborators. The researchers claimed that they have found that the trees help in pollution reduction that directly helps in reducing respiratory problems. The researchers studied the impact of four pollutants including ... Read More »

Ukraine Army nears Donetsk to reclaim


Ukraine Army is very close to the city of Donetsk. According to sources, the army of Ukraine is within the range and very soon they might try to reclaim it from the Pro-Russian rebels. Donetsk has been the centre of insurgency since few months. However, Ukraine has blamed Russia of supporting the rebels from the border. It has been said ... Read More »