Thursday , 10 July 2014
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Free Pot For Patients In Berkely California


Not only is medical marijuana legal in California, now the Berkely City Counsel members have voted unanimously to provide marijuana to low income patients.The Califonia town that is known for it liberal activism late Tuesday told local outlets to provide 2 % of their sales to patient that cannot afford it. According to Darryl Moore , city council member that ... Read More »

Boy lost His Life At Camp When Storm Took Down Trees

youth camps

There were more than 100 campers at River Valley Ranch Camp in Maryland Tuesday doing what they did every day. The were singing songs, reading stories, and praying at the outside pavillion when things quickly changed for the worse. The sky began to get dark and rain began to lightly fall. The supervisor of the camp decided to take the ... Read More »

Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Rosie’s Possibel Return To The View

roise the view

According to Elisabeth Hasselbeck former co-host with Rosie O’Donnell on The View, O’Donnell’s appearance on the reunion show in May for Barbara’s final farewell was just O’Donell’s “Hello Show”. Elisabeth, now co-host on Fox and Friends, said its just the beginning again.   Even though Hasselbeck is at this time on vacation, she took a break from it to comment ... Read More »

Dish Network Fights Comcast-Time Warner Deal

comcast time

Dish Network Corp. told US regulators that with the purchase of Time Warner Cable by Comcast, there is going to be a serious concern about competiveness. The company filed with the Federal Communications today. According to Jeffery Blum, senior vice president, there do doesn’t appear to be any thing that would remedy the harm that this merger would inflict. In ... Read More »

Emirates Airline Inks Deal Worth $56B With Boeing

The Boeing Company announces on Wednesday that it has finalized a $56 billion deal with Emirates for 150 777X planes. Boeing said that Emirates placed an order for 115 twin-engine, 400-seat 777-9X aircraft and 35 smaller 777-8Xs aircraft, along with purchasing rights for another 50 airplanes. If the rights were exercised, Boeing could expect the order value to increase to ... Read More »

16-Year-Old Twins Who Sneaked Out of UK to Syria Are “Very Smart and Religious” Students

Twins Zahra and Salma Halane, who fled U.K. and feared to have joined jihadist fighters in Syria, are “very smart and religious” students, according to their friends and neighbors. The 16-year-old twins called their parents to confirm that they are in Syria after they went missing in June from their home in Chorlton in Manchester. The twins’ older brother is ... Read More »

Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Alaska’s National Park

A huge dinosaur track site has been discovered in Denali National Park in Alaska that suggests that herds of duck-billed dinosaurs flourished in the area about 70 million years ago. Paleontologist Anthony Fiorillo, whose group is studying the tracks, said they have found dinosaur footprints in different sizes hinting the presence of families of dinosaurs living in the area million years ... Read More »

CDC: American Children Still Getting Excessive “Screen Time”

American children are still spending too many hours in front of the television and computer every day, despite experts’ consistent advice that kids’ “screen time” should be lessened. In two nationwide surveys conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on children aged 12 to 15 years, researchers found that almost three-quarters of those who surveyed spent at ... Read More »

Pop start Miley Cyrus dating producer Mike will


According to an online gossip magazine pop star Miley Cyrus is secretly dating her Bangerz album producer, Mike Will for nine months. A source close to the 21 years old pop singer, “Everybody in her circle knows they’ve been together this whole time,” Apparently the former Disney television actress got close to the producer Mike will after she announced her break up ... Read More »

Chinese Court Rules Against Apple Over Siri Patent Case

A Chinese court rules on Wednesday in favor of a Chinese company and a government agency over Apple Inc. for a patent on speech recognition technology that is similar to Siri. The court upheld the patent filed by Zhizhen Internet Technology which would mean that the Shanghai-based company may pursue its intellectual property rights infringement case against Apple. Zhizhen filed a ... Read More »