Tuesday , 19 August 2014
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Over 100,000 Elephants Killed in 3 years Because of Lucrative Ivory Trade

Poachers trading for ivory illegally killed over 100,000 elephants in Africa in just three years, a new study reveals. Scientists said the mass illegal elephant killings in Africa is a disaster and raises concern about their survival when there is only an estimated of 500,000 elephants left in the continent. Study co-author George Wittemyer, a professor at Colorado State University, said ... Read More »

ISIS apparently executes US journalist James Wright Foley


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State has apparently executed an American Photojournalist name James Wright Foley. James, a Freelance Journalist used to work for US based Global Post when has kidnapped from Syria on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. He was apparently held by ISIS before beheading him recently. Islamic State claimed that they have ... Read More »

Total Number Of Hostages Revealed By Released Child


Authorities were having a mere difficult time since Tuesday night after an incident was reported involving a total of eight hostages. Six children and two adults are involved. Negotiators are doing their best to have a convincing statement with the two men that are keeping the hostages in a home in Chicago.   At first, officials reported that five children ... Read More »

Landslides Hit Hiroshima, 18 Killed

At least eighteen people were killed in landslides that sweep into the outskirts of the city of Hiroshima in Japan on Wednesday, destroying houses and leaving many residents trapped in their homes. The landslides were triggered by heavy rains that poured overnight, loosening slopes that were already saturated by heavy rain over the past weeks. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said about ... Read More »

HTC M8 Windows phone launched in US


HTC has launched its first Windows flagship phone. The company has relaunched the HTC M8 with Windows 8.1 instead of Android as Mobile OS with almost identical hardware configration. HTC M8 was configured to Microsoft Mobile OS under the colleboration of Microsoft Engineers. The company said that HTC M8 would be same as the original one apart from the OS. ... Read More »

Another Man Shot Dead At St. Louis


It has been just a couple of weeks since the death of a teenage boy who was shot multiple times by a police officer in St. Louis was reported and yet another incident had heightened the issue.   On Tuesday, a man was shot by an officer after he was discovered robbing a convenient store. The owner of the said establishment ... Read More »

Camper Gets Killed By Drive-By Shooter While He Sleeps


According to Authorities a Michigan camper was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting on Tuesday. The man was killed while sleeping along the coast of Oregon. The shooter shot at least 5 vehicles, before he turned the gun on himself. At this time there is no motive for the shooting an investigation is in the process. However, the suspect, ... Read More »

Governor Perry Turns Himself In


It is the first time in nearly 100 years that a governor of Texas has been indicted. This occurred when James Ferguson, was found guilty and then removed from office for the act of vetoing funding for the University of Texas when he had some objections to a few faculty members. Governor Rick Perry is the longest serving governor in ... Read More »

Taylor Swift to release her new album


The 24 year old talented young singer Taylor Swift has announced her first documented Pop Album. The actress said that the album will be released on October 29. She said that the name of the album will be ’1989′ on her birth year. The talented singer has said good bye to her country music at least for now and would ... Read More »

Ancient Pterosaurs once ruled the skies


A recent study has revealed that giant toothless Pterosaur species ruled the skies around 60 million years ago. Experts believed that the toothless giants have played an important role in end of cretaceous period. The study highlighted that the pterosaur had no teeth and belong to Azhdarchidae family. The research also revealed that the toothless giants replayed their toothed ancestors ... Read More »