Friday , 22 August 2014
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Less American Teens Using Sunscreen Despite Cancer Warning

Only few American teens use sunscreen despite of warning that skin cancer rates is increasing, a study found Thursday. The study, done by researchers at William Paterson University in New Jersey,  shows that the number of high school students who are using sunscreen plunged to 56.1 % in 2011 from 67.7% in 2001. The research noted that the decrease in ... Read More »

Sierra Leone’s Ebola Cases Multiplied Because of a Self-Proclaimed Ebola Healer

The Ebola virus apparently spread from Guinea into Sierra Leone because of a healer who claimed that she can heal Ebola patients. Health officials said patients from Guinea were crossing borders into Sierra Leone to seek treatment from a herbalist in the far-flung eastern border village of Sokoma. Mohamed Vandi, a medical official in the city of Kenema, said the ... Read More »

Suspected Ebola Patient in New Mexico Being Tested for the Virus; Another Patient in California Tested Negative

The 30-year-old woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico is place in an isolation unit at the University of New Mexico Hospital as a precaution after she showed symptoms similar to Ebola virus. State health officials said the woman recently returned from Sierra Leone although she had no known exposure to the disease but had been teaching in country. Sierra Leone is ... Read More »

38-Year-Old Skeleton Removed From an Indian Woman Womb

Indian doctors remove the skeleton of an unborn baby left inside its mother womb for 36 years. 63-year old Jyoti Kumar was operated on by doctors of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences in Nagpur, India earlier this month to remove the skeleton. Reports said Kumar was 24 when she first got pregnant. But she found out that it was ... Read More »

Nick Cannon Says He And Wife Mariah Carey Are Living Apart


Nick Cannon sets the record straight about rumored marital problems between Mariah Carey his, wife and him. It was Page Six that reported that the couple were living apart at this time. Cannon verified that he and his wife have indeed been living apart for a few months now, in separate houses. Rumors also have been floating around that the ... Read More »

The Simpsons Getting A Update For New Season


The Simpsons is one of the long-term running television shows of recent times, and it is the talk of the fall season. The Simpsons made its appearance on Fox in 1990. Now, the show is getting an update. The show will be remade with new life. However before this event, FXX says it is streaming the complete series today. What ... Read More »

Pregnant Women Should Stay Way from Canned Tuna

An advocacy group warns pregnant women to avoid all canned tuna, saying it is not true that these products are low in mercury contrary to what the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency said. The FDA and EPA released proposed guidelines recently that suggest that pregnant women and those who are nursing can eat between 8 and 12 ounces ... Read More »

Maker Of Flappy Bird Releases New Addictive Game: Swing Copters


Swing Copters is the new Flappy Bird! Well at least, in some manners. If you are one of those who miss the feeling of being challenged by the Flappy Bird game, it is your lucky day! Dong Nguyen, the maker of the addicting game, had just released Swing Copters.   Swing Copters is available both for iOS and Android devices. ... Read More »

Nicki Minaj Releases New Music Video “Anaconda”


Nicki Minaj definitely turned heads in her newest video that was released recently entitled “Anaconda” which starts off with the famous rapper and some women dance their butts to the song’s rhythm in synchronize. The setting of the video was a jungle themed like. Some say it reminds them of Katy Perry’s “Roar.”   The most talked about and obviously ... Read More »

Amy Winehouse’s Statue Will Be Unveiled Soon


The loving family of Amy Winehouse is excited to unveil her very own statue soon. According to sources, the statue which was made to commemorate her memory will be witnessed by the public on the famous singer’s 31st birthday which is on September 14.   The bronze statue will be placed in Camden town where Amy Winehouse used to live ... Read More »