Sunday , 31 August 2014
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Filipino Peacekeepers Escaped Rebels


Officials from the Philippines confirmed Sunday that all Filipino peacekeepers were able to escape Syrian rebels after being surrounded in Golan Heights. It has been reported that 44 Fijian troops are still being kept captive by the al-Qaida insurgents.   General Gregorio Pio Catapang, Philippine military chief, said that the incident can truly be called a great escape. Syrian rebels ... Read More »

Medical Workers at Ebola Treatment Center in Sierra Leone on Strike

Health workers in one of the major Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone have gone on strike on Saturday because of unpaid allowances, lack of medical tools, and poor working conditions. Sierra Leone is one of the West African countries who are struggling to fight the worst Ebola outbreak in history. So far, Ebola killed over 1,550 people in Sierra ... Read More »

Experimental Ebola Cure ZMapp Boosts Demands


People from Liberia are definitely celebrating after authorities have removed the barricades of a slum area to help contain the Ebola virus. The streets of Liberia were seen full of happy residents. The move was triggered by the number of Ebola patients who had recovered from the virus with the help of the experimental drug.   ZMapp had been used ... Read More »

Corvette Museum Will Start Filling Up The Sinkhole


The National Corvette Museum will no longer support their recent source of new attraction, the sinkhole. The members of the board did a voting and the result goes to show that the sinkhole which swallowed various luxurious sport cars will be filled anytime soon.   The sinkhole incident happened in February which involved eight sport cars including: 2001 Mallett Hammer ... Read More »

Barrack Obama Welcomed By A Death Threat


President Obama’s life was once again in danger after his men from the Secret Service received another death threat which involves a car and an assault rifle. According to a source, death threats are not something new with President Obama as he receives at leats 30 of those everyday.   Even if the president receives tons of threats everyday, the ... Read More »

Apple Changes Privacy Policy of Health and Fitness Apps


With just a couple of days till the rumored unveiling of new line of products, Apple decided to enhance their privacy policy concerning applications in categories of health and fitness. Could this be taken as a sign for the long-rumored fitness wearable device known to the public as the iWatch?   Whether it is related or not, the privacy policy ... Read More »

iWatch Might Be Released in 2015 Instead of This Fall


The iWatch has been the source of raves and countless rumors for more than a year now and it has not yet been confirmed by Apple until now whether there will be such a thing or none. Nevertheless, the power of the internet when mixed with sources definitely speaks something.   Just as everyone is already expecting the unveiling of ... Read More »

Joan Rivers in Medically-Induced Coma


Joan Rivers has reportedly been in a medically-induced coma at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.   The 81-year-old famous comedy star was undergoing a surgery Thursday when her body responded to the said procedure and caused complications. Health officials had to put her in medically-induced coma because of it. The trigger was said to be cardiac respiratory arrest. Joan ... Read More »

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Back Together Again?


Justin Bieber is definitely playing mysterious with his current relationship. The young star was spotted hanging out with a model and even posted several photos of them both on Instagram which looked like they spent the night together. Just as his posts were bringing light to the status of his love life, another move had proven otherwise.   Justin Bieber ... Read More »