Thursday , 10 July 2014
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Baby Thought To Be ‘Cured’ Of HIV Has Infection Again

The Mississippi baby that was declared “cured” of HIV last March has been found to have detectable level of the virus once again. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease announced Thursday that a recent checkup to a now 4-year old child showed a positive HIV test result. The child has resumed receiving anti-HIV medications. Pediatric HIV specialist Dr. ... Read More »

Taliban Releases Bergdahl Smiling Picture While in Captivity

The Taliban releases on Wednesday a photograph of U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl smiling standing beside a senior Taliban leader. The picture, which was posted on a Twitter account linked with the Taliban, claimed that Bergdahl was treated well during his five years in captivity. The former Taliban prisoner appeared pale and thin in the photograph. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren ... Read More »

Report : NSA spied on American Muslim leaders


According to a report leaked by former system administrator for Central Intelligence Agency, Edward J. Snowden, NSA spied on five American Muslim leaders. An online magazine reported that NSA was guilty of secretly spying five NSA targets. However, the US government has condemned the act and mentioned that it is a threat for internal security.  The magazine also reported that ... Read More »

Justin Bieber charged for vandalism


The famous pop singer Justin Bieber has been charged for vandalizing his neighbor’s house with eggs. He was asked to pay fine of $80,900 and serve five days community service. Although the singer escaped Jail term of two years but the district attorney also ordered the pop singer to undergo anger management course. On Wednesday the 20 years old singer pleaded ... Read More »

China and US to cooperate on security issues


On Thursday, China and United States agreed to cooperate on military and security issues to combat the terrorism. But both the countries clarified that none of them would compromise with the maritime and cyber security dispute. Earlier US secretary John Kerry met Vice Premier Wang Yang and top diplomat Yang Jiechi for China to discuss on US- China strategic and ... Read More »

Iraqi Police found 53 unidentified in South Baghdad


On Wednesday, Iraqi Police officials confirmed that they have recovered bodies of 53 civilians with gunshot wound on their bodies from South Baghdad. Colonel Muthana Ahmen, a spokesman for the Babil provincial police said that all the bodies were shot in chest with their hands tied with ropes near the holy city of Karbala. Violence intensified in the area after ... Read More »

UN Report : Civilian causality increases in Afghanistan


According to the United Nations report, the civilian causality in Afghanistan has increased by 24 percent as compared to last year. The report also suggests that it is the highest casualty rate since 2009. The report also claimed that sudden Taliban attacks were responsible for increase in civilian causalities in main cities in Afghanistan. UN mentioned in its report that ... Read More »

Gunmen shot dead six people near Houston


On Wednesday, a gunman has surrendered to the police after killing six people near Houston in United States. The police suspect that the accused has shot dead four of his children. Police officials mentioned that one of the daughters of the suspect who was in critical condition after being shot on head by her father would be able to help ... Read More »

Israel gets offensive toward Gaza, intensifies air strike


On Wednesday, after the retaliation from Hamas, Israel have escalated the number of air strike killing number of people in Gaza Strip. According to Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Israeli spokesperson, their military forces have targeted around 300 terror sites in Palestine and they are now focusing on rocket launching to destroy those sites. He also claimed that on Wednesday, their ... Read More »

Tennessee Shooting Leaves 1 Dead


A shooting incident happened at a Tennesse armory around five in the afternoon. Based on reports, authorities are still looking for the intruder with the help of dogs. They also have a suspect.     The shooting left 1 dead, a first-class sergeant. After the incident, the victim was rushed to a hospital with the help of a helicopter ambulance. The ... Read More »