Sunday , 13 July 2014
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Jersey City Police Officer Shot Down

police officer

At 4:09 this morning there was a report of an armed robbery at Walgreens at the intersection of Communipaw Ave. and Kennedy Boulevard. Officer Santiago and another officer were the first to respond to the call. After arriving on the scene Santiago was shot by Lawerence Campbell age 27 as he was getting out of the passenger’s side of the ... Read More »

Hot Weather Increase Risks Of Kidney Stones

kidney stone

Dehydration increases the risk of kidney stones. As the days get warmer and people sweat more, dehydration occurs at a much higher rate. According to a study as written in the Environmental Health Perspective there is a link between hot days and the development of kidney stones. The study was done with the medical record of 60,000 patients in the ... Read More »

Feasterville PA Corpse Falls Out Of Car On Road


Dead body on the road in Pennsylvania. Drivers were in shock when a dead body was on the road while driving near a shopping center in Feasterville PA. The dead body fell out of a coroner’s van and into the middle of traffic on Friday. According to the coroner there was a malfuntion in the car that was transporting the ... Read More »

Lightning Strikes Colorado National Park Two Killed In Two Days

lighting striking

Lightning strikes in Colorado and two people have been struck and lost their lives in two days. It was at the Colorado National Park that the first person got stuck by lightning on Friday while crossing the UTE Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park. The woman that was killed is from Ohio, and seven more people were injured as well. Officials say ... Read More »

Nine years old died due to rare brain eating amoeba


In Kansas, nine years old girls died after being exposed to rare brain eating amoeba. According to reports, the victim, Hally Yust was exposed to the rare amoeba while she was enjoying water sports activity with her family. The doctors who treated the girl said” The rare amoeba enters the body through nasal root and then enters brain, once it ... Read More »

Nutritious value of organic food is higher than non organic food


A new research claimed that organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than non organic food. The study was conducted by Professor Chuck Benbrook from Washington State University. Professor Benbrook mentioned that “The bottom line is that how you grow food, how it’s fertilized, impacts the nutritional quality of it,” He also mentioned that the results of the study has ... Read More »

Toxic algal bloom hits Lake Erie


Biologists have predicted that the toxic algae will again hit the Lake Erie this summer. The biologist also mentioned that this year the algal bloom would not be as great as large year. The algal bloom has become a big problem for the residents as well as for the aquatic species. Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory research members were trying to ... Read More »

Zebra Mussels infests New York water bodies


Biologists are threatened by the invasive species of Zebra Mussels infesting the New York water bodies. After the reports of water body infestation by the invasive Zebra Mussels the New York environmental officials are trying to combat the infestation. The New York environmental officials mentioned that they were working in coordination with Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks and the ... Read More »

Lightning strike in National park, one killed


Lighting strike killed one visitor near the Rocky Mountain National Park. The lightning struck the park twice in a week. Earlier on Saturday, Kyle Patterson, the spokes person of Rocky Mountain National Park said that the lightening has struck four visitors. Three of them were critically injured and was rushed to nearby hospital. The spokesperson said that the visitors were ... Read More »

Report : Human error caused California wildfire


According to a report, the wildfire in North California that burned 4 1/2 square miles of forested area was caused by human error. On Saturday, California police arrested Freddie Alexander Smoke III for causing fire that burned the nearby forested land. The man was also accused of growing marijuana illegally. The police report suggests that the fire got ignited from ... Read More »