Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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Iceland’s active volcano continues to spew lava in air


The Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano started spewing lava on Saturday is continues till Tuesday. The active volcano gushes lava in air was recorded to be 600 m long. After the continuous volcanic eruption, the metrological department of the country raised the ash and lava warning to red. The officials have warned the locals and tourists to stay away from the volcanic ... Read More »

Russian Geckos died in Space while orbiting


Russian scientists launched five geckos including one male and four female in space to observe their reproductive behavior in micro-gravity. But the geckos were found dead on the satellite. The reptiles were sent to space on Foton –M4 satellite one month back to study their sexual character in weightless environment. After five days of launch of the satellite, it stopped ... Read More »

Study : Cellular blob protein can treat cancer


A latest study has revealed that cellular blob protein can play an essential role in curing carcinogenic disorders. The research was conducted by scientists from University Medical Center in Washington D.C. and the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. The detailed report about the research was published in the online Journal magazine Cell Biology. The researcher of the study ... Read More »

Justin Bieber Charged With Dangerous Driving and Assault

justin bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested for dangerous driving and assault in his hometown of Statford Ontario. There was a collision and that resulted in an altercation between Bieber and the driver of the minvan that was involved. Bieber and singer Selena Gomez had been photographed earlier in the day on the ATV. According to Beiber’s lawyer Brian Greenspan, it was the ... Read More »

Gymnastics’s Team USA Furious Over McKayla Maroney’s Nude Photo Scandal

nude mckayla pics

Yet another nude picture scandal. This time it involves a Team USA gymnastic member. Nude pictures of gymnast McKayla Maroney have surfaced and this is causing quit an up rise with her Team USA teammates. Mcakayla Maroney claims that the pictures are fake. The team members are lashing out on behalf of McKayla. They are trashing the person, or persons ... Read More »

Study : Less red meat consumption can save the planet


A latest study has revealed that less consumption of red meat can save the planet by emitting less green house gases. The latest study was conducted by a group of scientists at universities of Cambridge Aberdeen and the study was based on the impact of food habits on environment. The detailed report about the research was published in the journal ... Read More »

Apple To Team Up With Credit Card Issuers


By next week, it is expected that Apple will be unveiling their latest products as well as the long awaited iOS 8. While others are busy finding out more information about the latest kicks of Apple, a new report has been making rounds online that Apple is working to team up with major credit card issuers.   Some of the ... Read More »

Apple iOS 8 Features


Apple fans have definitely marked their calendars for the rumored date for unveiling the newest addition to the iPhone family which is dubbed as the iPhone 6. Moreover, iOS 8 has also been one of the most watched topics with regards to technology. Whether or not a person is eyeing a new iPhone, the new operating system will definitely hit ... Read More »

32 Teens Escaped Youth Detention Center


Local police and patrol officials are still searching the areas for the teenagers who are still on the run. On Monday, 32 teens were able to escape the Nashville youth detention center during night time. According to a report, the teens managed to escape by crawling through a vulnerable part of the fence.   It is still unclear whether the ... Read More »

Monarch butterfly faces threat of extinction


United States iconic orange colored butterflies popularly known as Monarch butterflies are slowly moving toward the extinction. On the month of September every year the butterflies migrates toward Mexico covering thousands of miles. But this year the population of the butterflies migrating is recorded to be lower than expected. The researchers working at nonprofit groups have appealed the government to ... Read More »