Thursday , 24 July 2014
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Astronaut captures Gaza conflict from Space


An astronaut has clicked a photo while surpassing Israel and Gaza from space. He posted it on his social media stating “My saddest photo yet”. The photos showed the worsening situation in Gaza strip. The crisis has killed more than 700 people in Palestine and 34 people in Israel. German flight engineer Alexander Gerst clicked the images from space as the ... Read More »

UN representatives suggest the crashing of Algerian airline


Earlier an Algerian plane was reported to lose its connection with radar. According to the United Nations representative, the missing plane crashed in Mali. The representative also indicated that the crash site might be between Gao and Tessalit. After the indication by the United Nations representatives, the Malian civil aviation called for high alert. The flight was carrying 116 passengers ... Read More »

Woman’s body recovered from Washington mudslide


On Tuesday, the last body was recovered from Washington mudslide that killed 43 people in Oslo. The search for the bodies ended in the month of April but the y never found the body Molly Kristine in the debris. Reports suggest that the body of her husband, John Regelbrugge III was retrieved earlier. On Tuesday, while the workers were screening ... Read More »

Near Alaska-Yukon border a tourist train derails


On Wednesday, a tourist train derailed near Alaska-Yukon. According to the officials only nine people were injured and the injuries are not life threatening. The derailment of the popular tourist train occurred in the afternoon. Railroad President John Finlayson confirmed the derailment and said that the incident occurred at it reached the White Pass summit. After the derailment, the officials ... Read More »

Colorado judge strikes down ban on gay marriage


On Wednesday, a federal judge has strike down the ban on gay marriage and declared the ban as unconstitutional but stayed his judgment until higher court decision. Raymond Moore, US district judge gave the decision in favor of six gay couples who filed a lawsuit against the gay marriage ban.  The Judge stayed the decision till 25th August. John Suthers, ... Read More »

Democratic senator under scanner for plagiarized thesis


Reports claim that democratic senator of Montana, John Walsh plagiarized a portion of content for masters Degree at Army War College in 2007. After this revelation, the democrat might face difficulty to save his seat as republicans have decided to bring this matter to light. The spokesperson of Walsh said that it was not plagiarized intentionally but it was a ... Read More »

Air Algerie Plane Lost in Radar While Flying Over Africa

A flight of Air Algerie from Burkina Faso to Algiers has vanished from radar while flying over Africa, reports said Thursday. Air navigation services lost contact on Flight AH 5017 about 50 minutes after it departed Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso early morning Thursday. Swiftair, a Spanish company that specializes in leasing planes and crews to other carriers, operated the plane ... Read More »

Your Dog Feels Jealous Too, Study Says

Dogs do feel jealous of other dogs or other things that catch their owners’ attention, a study revealed. The first experiment on dog jealousy shows that jealousy is an emotion not exclusive to humans. Researchers said it can be observed in other animals too. Scientists previously thought jealousy involved complex minds. They stated that the feeling could not only involve ... Read More »

Arizona execution under criticism over lethal injection


On Wednesday, after the State of Arizona  gave lethal injection to Joseph Wood, he was suppose to die quickly and painlessly but it took nearly 2 hours for him to expire. Journalist who witnessed the death execution mentioned that it was difficult to watch him struggle and gasp in pain for 2 hours. One of the journalist mentioned that the ... Read More »

US calls for truce as deal toll rises in Gaza


United States pushes for peace truce between Israel and Gaza as the conflict continues. The Israeli ground operation has killed 718 people in a week. According to the sources, the Obama administration is facing enormous pressure from European and Arab allies to stop the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Earlier Egypt proposed a peace offer but Hamas rejected it stating ... Read More »