Friday , 25 July 2014
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Will The GOP Call To Impeach Obama


According to a top aid of the president, the democratic party should not be so quick to discount the Republican’s call to impeach President Obama. He warned that the House of Republicans are no doubt more angious to impeach the president than people think. Avisor Dan Pfeiffer said that many in the town laugh this off but he would not ... Read More »

Tornado HIts Campground In Va Three dead


A tornado hit an Eastern Shore campground in the state of VA on Thursday. Three people are dead as a result of the storm. According to officials, more than two-dozen campers were injured and then transported to area hospitals. The campground where the weather event took place is Cherrrystone family Camp and RV Resort. There were more than 1,300 people ... Read More »

Debris of Algerian plane was found in Mali


On Thursday, the wreckage of Algerian airline was discovered in deserted area of Mali. Earlier the airline lost the contact with radar after 50 minutes of take off. The plane was carrying 116 people from Burkina Faso to Algiers. The officials claimed that the planes crashed almost 30 miles away from the border of Burkina Faso and the area is ... Read More »

Reports: Blue whales are roaming near the ships


A recent report released by the researcher’s states that the blue whales are roaming dangerously near the ships. The researchers also mentioned that the recent findings can help preventing the collision with whales. Blue whales are largest animal on earth with weight 330,000 lbs. Sometimes whales are 108 feet long. Recently several whales have been killed due to the collision ... Read More »

North West MadeKim Kardashian Proud


North West definitely brought smiles to her parents after she was seen taking her first steps after a pool session.      Kim Kardashian shared the wonderful news through a photo on Instagram which showed her kissing North West who was wrapped in a yellow towel. Kardashian captioned the photo: “Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today ... Read More »

Apple’s OS X Yosemite Will Be Available To The Public Soon


Apple had made lots of technology enthusiasts thrilled and excited for their newest Mac operating system. On Thursday, the long awaited OS X Yosemite will hit the public in its beta version.      For those who are eyeing to test this new operating system, you must first sign up for Apple’s Beta Program. Apple will then send you a ... Read More »

Greg Foran is Wal-Mart’s new U.S. CEO


On Thursday, Wal-mart made an announcement that Bill Simon will be leaving the company and that Greg Foran will become the new U.S. CEO.     It has been reported that Greg Foran will start his role on August 9 and he will be a direct report of Wla-Mart President and CEO Doug McMillon. Bill Simon will be easily reachable ... Read More »

Teenager Died In Place Crash


Haris Suleman, 17, died when his plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean.     Haris Suleman was with his father, Babar Suleman, at that time but only the young boy’s body was found. Officials are searching for Babar Suleman’s body. According to Annie Hayat, a representative of the family, the plane went down after leaving Pago Pago which is located ... Read More »

Inmate Gasped For 2 Hours After Lethal-Injection


Joseph R. Wood III, 55, was seen gasping hundreds of times after being executed with lethal-injection. He was snorting and gasping for almost two hours.       In line with this, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has made anorder to have the lethal-injection under review and analysis. The execution happened on Wednesday around 1:52 p.m., Mr. Woods was pronounced dead ... Read More »

Astronaut captures Gaza conflict from Space


An astronaut has clicked a photo while surpassing Israel and Gaza from space. He posted it on his social media stating “My saddest photo yet”. The photos showed the worsening situation in Gaza strip. The crisis has killed more than 700 people in Palestine and 34 people in Israel. German flight engineer Alexander Gerst clicked the images from space as the ... Read More »