Wednesday , 23 July 2014
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Google Offers $1 Million For Inventor of Small Power Inverter

Google Inc. announces Little Box Challenge Tuesday with a prize amounting to $1 million for any team that can create a smaller and cheaper power inverter. Power inverters are tools that turn direct energy gathered from solar or wind sources into power that can be stored in batteries and turn it into the current that can power homes, offices, cars, ... Read More »

Red Cross Appeals to Blood Donors, Blood Shortage Fear

The American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for blood donors, stressing that the agency could experience an emergency situation in the coming weeks if blood donations do not increase. Red Cross said blood donations have dropped by 8 percent in the past 11 weeks that result to about 80,000 lower than expected donations. Red Cross spokesman Vince Robinson ... Read More »

NYPD Investigate Inside Job Angle on Brooklyn Bridge Flag Switch

Police is pursuing an inside job angle in planting of two white flags atop of the Brooklyn Bridge towers Tuesday. Police Deputy Commissioner John Miller said they are looking into an “insider angle,” as the vandals managed to get over a locked gate, and covered the huge lights mounted at the towers using aluminum roasting pans that were just the ... Read More »

China City Places in Quarantine After Bubonic Plaque Death

A Chinese city has been placed in isolation and 151 people were subjected to quarantine after a man died of bubonic plague, reports said Tuesday. About 100, 000 residents of Yumen city in Gansu province are barred from leaving the area while police put roadblocks on its perimeter. Earlier this month, a 38-year-old man had found a dead marmot, a ... Read More »

Four Deaths From Bacterial Infection At Hospital South Carolina

operating room

Yet another patient died last week after contracting a rare bacterial infection after surgery at at South Carolina hospital. The total deaths since May stands at four.   There have been 15 patients so far infected by Mycobaterium absessus while they were having surgery at the Grenville Memorial Hospital. Out of the 15 patients, four have died.   Officials say ... Read More »

No Change In Trial Date In The Movie Theater Shootings


James Holme’s lawyers requested more time to review psychiatrists evaluation before the trial for the shooting in a Colorado theater, however the judge declined and the trial date is still Dec. 8th.   The defense lawyers say that they do not have the time to finish the interviews and other necessary tasks before the hearing in November and the trial ... Read More »

Brooklyn Bridge Flags Switched

brooklyn bridge

Someone replaced the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge Towers with flags that have been bleached white. The New York Police Department is dumb-founded just how this happened.   Everyone is wondering just how this happened as well as how it happened over-night and under the noses of the NYPD. The bridge is one of the most heavily guarded areas with ... Read More »

Teens Throw Rock From Overpass Woman’s Skull Crushed

woman rock

Danville PA doctors are cautiously optimistic about the future of the woman that was hit by a foot-ball size rock that was thrown from the interstate overpass in Pennsylvania. The rock shattered Sharon Budd’s skull. It has been almost two weeks now since the surgery that lasted more than 13 hours. The surgery included removing damaged parts of Budd’s brain. ... Read More »

Nation-Wide Fruit Recall From California Company


There has been a nation-wide voluntary recall of of some of its lots of fresh fruit from a CA company. The fruits include plums, peaches, and nectarines. The fruit is recalled as a result of a possible listeria contamination. According to Wawona Packing, there has been no reported illness from the fruit and the company is only issuing the recall ... Read More »

New Study: Anti-Cancer Drug For HIV


On Tuesday, Danish scientists discovered a way to re-activate hidden HIV. This is definitely a milestone for the health industry since this can help find a cure against HIV.     The drug involved is called romidepsin which is under the brand name Istodax. The said drug treats the T-cell lymphoma type of cancer. When used, it can re-activate HIV ... Read More »