Sunday , 14 September 2014
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Meditation Helps Reduce Migraine Suffering

A new study suggests that meditation may help relieve the intensity as well as the duration of migraines. Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center studied 19 people with migraines and they were divided into two groups.  The ten participants received mindfulness-based stress reduction or MBSR treatment that includes mindfulness meditation and yoga. The remaining nine received standard medical care ... Read More »

Study: Eating Fish May Lower Risk of Hearing Loss on Women

Two or more servings of fish per week may lower risk of hearing loss in women, scientists said. US researchers analyzed a study of 65,215 nurses between 1991 and 2009 and there were about 11,606 cases hearing loss were reported. Researchers found that women who ate fish at least twice a week showed a 20% lower risk of hearing loss ... Read More »

Journalists, Media Staff Drink the Most Coffee, Survey Says

Journalists and media staff apparently needs the most caffeine kick as it was found that they drink the most coffee in a day, a new survey says. A public relations company, Pressat, conducted a survey to about 10,000 professionals to find out the top 10 professions that drink the most coffee. The survey showed that journalists and others who work ... Read More »

WHO Appeals for More Aid to Fight Ebola

The World Health Organization calls on Friday for more help to fight Ebola outbreak that currently ravaging across West Africa. WHO director general Margaret Chan admitted that the global response to contain the deadly virus is not moving rapidly enough to keep up with new cases. Chan said the current outbreak is the largest and more complex since the virus ... Read More »

Sunshine Links to Increase Suicide Rates

The bright sunny day has been linked to increase suicide rates, a new study says. University of Vienna researchers have found a link between sunshine and suicide rates and it is more noticeable in women than in men. Although the reason behind the correlation is not yet know, researchers believed that high levels of sunshine may affect the levels of ... Read More »

Acidification of Oceans causes the degradation of shark’s ability to smell


A new research has revealed that the increased acidification of oceans due to enhanced carbon dioxide in atmosphere is destroying the ability of smell in marine predators including several species of sharks. The study was conducted on the smelling ability of dogfish to hunt food. The researchers used a pool of water treated with increased level of carbon dioxide to ... Read More »

Study : Groundwater is related to human evolution


A recent study has revealed that early humans possessed the ability to search groundwater in extreme and adverse conditions in African continent led to the survival and evolution of Humans. The biologists have studied the geological evidences suggesting that human ancestors found the sedimentary basin in northern Tanzania 22 million years ago. The researchers claimed that even after the disappearance ... Read More »

Florida band lionfish breeding


On Thursday, Florida wildlife officials have expanded the ban on breeding the lion fish in the region. Earlier, the ban was imposed on the import of the eye catching fish. According to the biologists, the lion fish are highly invasive species that are predatory in nature and directly impacting the native Atlantic fishes. The new law of banning the import ... Read More »

Nicaragua asks US assistance to probe meteorite collision claim


Nicaragua seeks US assistance to investigate the truth behind the meteorite collision claim. Earlier on Saturday, the government officials in Nicaragua claimed that they have spotted a crater which appeared on the surface of earth after a meteorite hit the region. Orlando Gomez, deputy foreign minister mentioned that they are seeking US help as they do not have any prior ... Read More »

Study : Climatic change resulting in slow death of Rocky mountain forests


According to a report revealed by Science advocacy group, the climate changes and increasing global temperature are leading to the slow death of evergreen rocky mountain forests. The report highlighted that the dwindling forest will die by the end of 2060 if the global warming is not controlled. However, the research group has not mentioned that what will replace the ... Read More »