Tuesday , 29 July 2014
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US secretary John Kerry praises Indian Prime minister’s vision


United States secretary John Kerry to visit India soon was an attempt to improve Indo –US ties that have been rocky for last few months. It would be the first visit of any US diplomat after the arrest and jail of Indian diplomat in US. Devyani Khobragade, official in New York consulate was arrested over the charges of visa fraud. ... Read More »

Big blow for Putin: west imposes restriction and rebels suffers loss in Ukraine


On Monday, the pro Russian rebels suffered huge loss in Ukraine during the battle with the Ukrainian army. Amid this setback, United States and European Union is all set to impose toughest restriction on Russian banks this week. According to the reports, the Ukrainian army has regained control over the territory near the MH17 crash site. The Ukrainian army is ... Read More »

Fire in fuel depot threatens the Libyan capital city


On Monday, the governmental fuel depot where six million liters of fuel was stored has been ignited by a rocket in Tripoli during the battle between the Libyan army and Islamic militants. The country has been struggling since the dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. The Libyan government has warned of humanitarian and environmental catastrophe after the fire in ... Read More »

Israel indicated prolonged fight in Gaza


On Tuesday, Israeli army shelled several buildings in Gaza and destroyed many establishment. Early Tuesday, Israeli forces indulged into heavy bombardment in Gaza City to destroy the Hamas establishment. The Israeli forces targeted the homes of top Hamas leaders in the city. They also targeted several government building, offices and media houses. Witnesses suggested that the Israeli army lit the ... Read More »

US alleges Russia violated missile treaty


On Monday, the US government accused Russia over violation of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty.   US also warned Russia of immediate action. In a statement United States security department’s spokesperson said “Russia has violated the treaty and must be scrutinized” However, the officials did not clarified that how Russia has violated the treaty. Sources claimed that NATO reported the ... Read More »

Dollar Tree Buys Family Dollar

dollar tree

Stuggling Family Dollar changes hands. The Dollar Tree who is a competitor will buy the chain retail store for 8.5 billion dollars. Athough many saw the store being bought out The Dollar Tree did not come to mind by most as the purchaser. With this merger, the nation’s second and third largest discount stores will become a giant in their ... Read More »

Research Says Running Can Help You Live Longer


Running at least five minutes per day can add additional years to your life. This according to a new study. The study involved 50,000 people from Dallas. These people were followed for thier exercise habits. The participants were mainly men and the age group was in their 40′s. Some in the group were runners around 24%. Out of all the ... Read More »

LG G3 ready to shake the market


LG has done pretty well to compete with the giants like Samsung and Apple in the past with the model LG G2. However, the challenge will now be equally poised with LG is coming up with the 5.5 inch screen LG G3. It would be hard for LG to compete in the market especially the US market which is occupied ... Read More »

Trees save 850 people per year from pollution


Everybody knows that Tree inhales Carbon Di Oxide and exhales Oxygen. The Oxygen which is the solo reason for the existence of our life. However, trees are not only supplying oxygen but also cleaning the air every time by removing the toxic substances. New study has found out that  trees save almost 850 people all over the world every year ... Read More »

Lucy Vs Hercules at Box Office


Scarlett Johansson is on the high sky as her new movie “Lucy” is having a dream run at the box office. The movie which was facing the competition from the Hercules of Dwayne Johansson has completely outshined the later. The movie has collected $44 million over the weekend. Scarlett Johansson had much to prove and “Lucy” was the perfect platform ... Read More »