Tuesday , 23 September 2014
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CDC Warns Ebola Cases Could Surge to 1.4 million by Late January 2015

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that between 550,000 and 1.4 million people could contract Ebola virus in West Africa by late January next year if there will be no immediate efforts that will be undertaken to stop the spread of the outbreak. According to a study published on Tuesday by CDC researchers, the 1.4 million estimate ... Read More »

People Drink Alcohol More On Exercise Days, Study Says

People tend to drink alcohol more on days when they do their exercise, a new study found. The Northwestern Medicine study analyzed 150 adults, ages 18-89, who recorded in their smartphones how much their exercise each day and also their alcohol consumption for 21 consecutive days at three different periods during the year. Lead author David Conroy said from Monday ... Read More »

“True Detective” Season 2: Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn Jump In

HBO officially announces that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will be joining season two of its HBO crime drama show “True Detective”, after Farrell earlier dropped the news that he would be part of the Detective next season. HBO said both Farrell and Vaugh will be in the eight-episode series. The cable network added that Farrell will play the character of Ray Velcoro, ... Read More »

Vatican Arrests Former Archbishop on Paedophilia Charges

The Vatican arrests on Tuesday a former nuncio to the Dominican Republic who was accused of sexually abusing children, the first time an arrest was made inside the Vatican on paedophilia charges. 66-year-old Jozef Wesolowski was placed under house while waiting for a criminal trial on accusation that he paid for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador ... Read More »

Abducted US-German Journalist Freed in Somalia

An American-German journalist held hostage for two and a half years in Somalia was released by his captors on Tuesday, German and Somali officials said. Ahmed Muse Noor, deputy governor of the Mudug region in Somalia, said 45-year-old Michael Scott Moore had been taken by an armed group to an airport in the town of Galkayo. Moore’s former employer Berlin-based ... Read More »

Apple To Revamp Beats


It had been reported in May that tech giant company, Apple, had acquired Beats Electronics which was famous for their line of headphones for $3 billion. Since the acquisition, Beats Music was not doing well not like Spotify which already has at least 40 million users.   There have been rumors that Apple might shut down Beats Music but analysts ... Read More »

New Study: Changing Lifestyle Prevented Heart Attacks By 80


It is surely not surprising to know that changing one’s lifestyle can prevent diseases especially a heart attack but this new study that had been conducted by a group of professionals have concluded that changing lifestyle made a drastic drop of prevented heart attacks by 80 percent.   The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Karolinska Institute ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Plus Display Comes Second To Samsung Galaxy Note 4 According To Review


Apple fans have lined up for hours and hours just to get their new iPhones though others have also expressed their disappointments with the tech giant’s new line of products.   In a recent review conducted by DisplayMate, the team have came to a conclusion after several testing that the iPhone 6 Plus‘ display was absolutely great starting from resolution, ... Read More »

Emma Watson Nude Photo Threats


Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 24, received applauds and massive support from fans all over the world after she delivered her very empowering speech regarding feminism that was taken positively by most people except for one that had posed threats against her.   “Emma You Are Next.” – These are the words that have been making rounds online after a ... Read More »

Kris Jenner Files For Divorce


Kris Jenner had finally given light to all the rumors surrounding her marriage with Bruce. Sources have found out that the star had filed divorce papers which will end their 23 years of marriage.   Based on the divorce files submitted, Kris Jenner is asking for joint custody of their minor daughter Kylie as well as a petition to keep ... Read More »