Tuesday , 22 July 2014
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New Study: Anti-Cancer Drug For HIV


On Tuesday, Danish scientists discovered a way to re-activate hidden HIV. This is definitely a milestone for the health industry since this can help find a cure against HIV.     The drug involved is called romidepsin which is under the brand name Istodax. The said drug treats the T-cell lymphoma type of cancer. When used, it can re-activate HIV ... Read More »

Beyonce Posts Family Pic On Instagram


On Monday, Beyonce decided to put the rumors about her marriage the second time around by posting a very lovely photo of her family.     The photo shows an image of them while walking. Blue Ivy, 2 years old, was being lifted up by her parents. The picture was believed to have been taken in the middle of Beyonce ... Read More »

Robert Downey Jr Remains Highest Paid Actor


Robert Downey Jr is once again the Hollywood’s highest paid actor!     Forbes.com managed to estimate the Iron Man Hunk’s earnings and got a whopping result of $75 million. Wow, that is really a lot of money. According to Forbes.com, Robert Downey Jr made most of his earnings from “Iron Man 3″ which made more than a billion at ... Read More »

Facebook’s New Feature: Save Posts For Later


Facebook had connected billions of people worldwide. It connected you to that preschool friend of yours, to even that special someone you truly loved years ago. Most often than not, we go online to post something we have in mind and also be up to date with our Facebook friends’ lives.     Our newsfeed contains various stuffs from personal posts, ... Read More »

4 Dead In Suicide Bombing


On Tuesday, four foreign guards were killed after a suicide bomber was able to pass through various checkpoints and inspections.       The said officers were guarding the entrance of DynCorp at the time of the attack. According to Hashmatullah Stanikzai, a representative from the police, the suicide bomber was likely able to pass through checkpoints because he was ... Read More »

MERS Virus Found in Air Samples From Camel Barn in Saudi Arabia

Traces of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus were found in the air of a barn that has sick camels in Saudi Arabia, a study revealed Tuesday. Researchers obtained sample of the air inside a camel barn owned by a man who died of MERS. It was found that four camels had manifested MERS symptoms, and the owner directly ... Read More »

Boston Bomber Friend Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

A friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty Monday of obstruction of justice for interfering with the FBI’s investigation. The jury found Kazakh exchange student Azamat Tazhayakov guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy for removing a backpack that contain fireworks shells from the dorm room of Tsarnaev at the Dartmount’s University of Massachusetts three days ... Read More »

Train Carrying Bodies of Crash Victims Arrives in Ukraine-held City, Russia Vows Full Cooperation

The train carrying the bodies of at least 200 victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines plane arrives Tuesday in Kharkiv, a Ukrainian government-controlled city. The bodies will then be transported to Netherlands to identify the remains. The pro-Russian separatist rebels agreed to hand over the bodies as well as the black boxes to Malaysian experts earlier Tuesday. Meanwhile, Russia said ... Read More »

Israeli Soldier Missing in Gaza, Reports Said

Israeli media has been reporting Tuesday that an Israeli soldier is missing in Gaza. Earlier this week, Hamas claimed it had captured an Israeli soldier during the clashes on the border on Sunday but did not say whether the soldier is dead or alive. Reports said the Israeli Defense Forces soldier was travelling in an armored personal carrier that was ... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6 Launch Date Reveals in Promotional Flyers in China

The launch date of Apple’s iPhone 6 was revealed in a leaked promotional flyer circulated in China, and apparently it will be on September 19. Reportedly, the new generation iPhone will have iOS 8 Operating System and it will be available in two screen sizes, a 4.7 and a 5 .5 inch screen. The upcoming iPhone 6 apparently has a ... Read More »