Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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Apple iOS 8 Features


Apple fans have definitely marked their calendars for the rumored date for unveiling the newest addition to the iPhone family which is dubbed as the iPhone 6. Moreover, iOS 8 has also been one of the most watched topics with regards to technology. Whether or not a person is eyeing a new iPhone, the new operating system will definitely hit ... Read More »

32 Teens Escaped Youth Detention Center


Local police and patrol officials are still searching the areas for the teenagers who are still on the run. On Monday, 32 teens were able to escape the Nashville youth detention center during night time. According to a report, the teens managed to escape by crawling through a vulnerable part of the fence.   It is still unclear whether the ... Read More »

Monarch butterfly faces threat of extinction


United States iconic orange colored butterflies popularly known as Monarch butterflies are slowly moving toward the extinction. On the month of September every year the butterflies migrates toward Mexico covering thousands of miles. But this year the population of the butterflies migrating is recorded to be lower than expected. The researchers working at nonprofit groups have appealed the government to ... Read More »

Five Killed In Erie Plane Crash


On Sunday, five lives were taken including 11-year-old twins. The incident happened around 11:50 in the morning when a small plane crashed near the Erie Airpark‘s runway. The plane was seen struggling to make its landing and crashed.   According to authorities, the police immediately got hold of the report and responded in the area. They found three people dead ... Read More »

Study: Brain Can Be Trained to Like Healthy Food

The brain can be taught to prefer healthy food over unhealthy choices by creating a diet plan which will not leave a dieter hungry, a new study suggests. Researchers from Tufts University studied the part of the brain linked to reward and addiction in 13 overweight and obese men and women. Eight of the participants took part in a specially ... Read More »

Congo Ebola Death Toll Climbs to 31

The death toll of Ebola outbreak in the Djera region of northern Democratic Republic of Congon climbs to 31, local health officials said on Tuesday. The Ebola outbreak in Congo’s Equateur province is separate from an epidemic in the West African nations of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone that has claimed over 1,550 lives since it began in March. Meanwhile, Nigeria ... Read More »

U.N. Warns Prices of Food Rising in Ebola-Affected Countries

The United Nations warns on Tuesday that food prices are rising in Ebola-hit countries and it is likely to get worse because many farmers won’t be able to access fields during the upcoming harvests of rice and corn. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said the imposed measures to control the spread of the deadly disease are driving the food ... Read More »

Pistachios Help Reduce Type-2 Diabetes Risk

Regular consumption of pistachios may help people reduced the risk to type-2 diabetes, research reveals. Scientists from the Spain’s Universitari Hospital of Sant Joan de Reus in Reus, and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III revealed that pre-diabetic individuals that ate about two ounces of pistachios each day  showed significant drop in blood sugar and insulin levels. Researchers studied 54 pre-diabetic adults who were split ... Read More »

Study : Mites can survive on human face


A recent study has revealed that several tiny mites can survive on human face. The research also indicated that the survival of the tiny mites is irrespective of the hygiene condition and they cannot be removed even after multiple wash. The detailed research about the report was published in the online journal PLOS One. Scientists from the University of North ... Read More »

Brown bear hunting halted due to decline in population


On Tuesday, the US fish and wildlife service have imposed a temporary closure on sports hunting of brown bear in Alaska’s Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The closure was announced till May 2015 due to decline in population of brown bear. According the officials, the temporary halt will give time to the species for recovery.  The new rule about the closure ... Read More »