Saturday , 23 August 2014
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In Middle East 7000 years old metal object was discovered


In Middle East a 7000 years old copper awl is discovered from a woman’s grave which is expected to be the oldest metal recovered. After the discovery of the oldest metal, researchers indicated that the metal objects were used in olden ages by the human being. The object was unearthed in an archeological site known as Tel Tsaf, located near ... Read More »

Earth’s surfaces rises followed by western drought and groundwater level drop


A study report has indicated that a year long drought that caused the evaporation of 63 trillion gallons of water is now causing rise in earth surface. The research claimed that the extreme condition lifted the earth crust in western part of United States. Since 2013, one sixth of one inch surface was elevated by the pressured caused due to ... Read More »

Despite of increasing greenhouse gases slowdown in global warming


A recent research has revealed that the Atlantic Ocean is soaking the heat at the surface and sending it deep down the earth but this phenomenon might reverse by next thirty years and can cause rapid rise in global temperature. The research indicated that soaking of surface heat by the oceans started since the year 1988. A lead researcher Ka-Kit ... Read More »

Chicken Caesar Salad Kits Recall Due to Listeria Contamination Concern

Fine Foods recalls about 92,657 pounds of its Chicken Caesar Salad kit products because of possible Listeria contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service says Friday. The salad kits were shipped nationwide to bulk warehouse chain Sam’s Clubs for retail sale in its in-store cafés. The products that are involved in the recall are 11 oz. ... Read More »

Nigeria Confirms Two New Ebola Cases

Nigeria has two new Ebola cases, health authorities confirms on Friday. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Health Minister of Nigeria, says the new cases are spouses of the medical workers who treated Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer. The male and female medical workers later died of Ebola after infecting their spouses. Sawyer arrived in Nigeria from Liberia last month. He was tested positive of the ... Read More »

Feds Ban Ohio Schools’ “Pink Cookie”

Starting this school year, children in Elyria, Ohio will no longer taste their beloved “pink cookie” as the government banned it from school canteens because of too much calories. Amy Higgins, the spokesperson for Elyria City Schools, said the “pink cookie” no longer meets the national school lunch program guidelines for snacks because of its caloric content. The USDA “Smart ... Read More »

Miley Cyrus Tour Bannned Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic has banned Miley Cyrus from preforming anytime soon in the Caribbean nation. This is according to the commission in charge of public performances. It was when Miley first auditioned for the role of Hanna Montana in the year of 206 that she was informed that she was not old enough. However, with persistence and the help of ... Read More »

The Bucket Challenge And Anti-ALS Association Debate


The ice bucket challenge that is raising money for the continued research of ALS is being discouraged by some pro-life activists as well as religious leaders. They are encouraging people to stop donating to the ALS Association. Pro-life advocates disapprove of the association as one of the studies that the association funds make use of embryonic stem cells as well ... Read More »

Less American Teens Using Sunscreen Despite Cancer Warning

Only few American teens use sunscreen despite of warning that skin cancer rates is increasing, a study found Thursday. The study, done by researchers at William Paterson University in New Jersey,  shows that the number of high school students who are using sunscreen plunged to 56.1 % in 2011 from 67.7% in 2001. The research noted that the decrease in ... Read More »

Sierra Leone’s Ebola Cases Multiplied Because of a Self-Proclaimed Ebola Healer

The Ebola virus apparently spread from Guinea into Sierra Leone because of a healer who claimed that she can heal Ebola patients. Health officials said patients from Guinea were crossing borders into Sierra Leone to seek treatment from a herbalist in the far-flung eastern border village of Sokoma. Mohamed Vandi, a medical official in the city of Kenema, said the ... Read More »