Tuesday , 29 July 2014
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OkCupid Experimented On Its Users


OkCupid, popular dating website, conducted several experiments on their site to see if it could manipulate their users’ emotions.      The tests received tons of negative feedback from users as well as netizens. Some say it crossed the line with regards to privacy. OkCupid released a statement saying that they know exactly what they are doing and that all ... Read More »

9-Year-Old Girl Plane Crash Victim Died


A little girl died after suffering serious injuries when a small plane struck her while walking along the Florida Gulf Coast beach.     Oceana, 9, was with her father that time. According to information given, 36-year-old 1st Class Ommy Irizarry of Mayaguez  died at the scene while his daughter was taken to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. Irizarry, ... Read More »

James Franco Breaks Broadway Box Office Record

James Franco’s play “Of Mice and Men” breaks Broadway box office record after it earned $1,038,106 for the week that ends Sunday. The play set a new eight-performance weekly record gross at the Longacre Theatre and marking the first time the theater ever housed a show that crossed the $1 million mark. The play, an adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel, follows two tragic ... Read More »

Britain PM David Cameron Announces Slash on EU Migrant Benefits

British Prime Minister David Cameron announces on Tuesday plans to cut the amount of time EU migrants can claim benefits in the UK into half unless they have realistic job prospects. Cameron said migrants coming to UK from the European Union to find work would be entitled to claim out-of-work and child benefits for three months, rather than the previous ... Read More »

Accused Child Molester Killed in NY Police Shootout, 3 Police Officers Wounded

A child molestation suspect was shot and killed Monday in a firefight in Manhattan in New York that also left three officers wounded. Charles Richard Mozdir, 32, was wanted in a California on child molestation charges after failing to appear at an arraignment after his arrest in San Diego County in 2012. Mozdir was accused of abusing his friend’s 7-yeard ... Read More »

Public Health England Issues Ebola Alert on all UK Medical Facilities

Health authorities urge British medical facilities to be on alert for signs Ebola disease as the deadly virus killed a Liberian man after landing in an airport in Nigeria, sparking more fear that the virus could travel anywhere in the world. Public Health England issued an alert on Monday to GPs, Critical Care Units, A&E departments, and all NHS trusts ... Read More »

Islamic militant kill 23 people in Philippines


On Monday, Islamic insurgent Abu Sayyaf group attacked 50 villagers in Philippines as they were travelling to celebrate Ramadan. According to the officials, 40-50 militants attacked the civilians while there are travelling on a southern road. The militants opened fire on the civilians killing 23 people including a 3 years old boy. According to the Filipino government it is one of ... Read More »

Australia to acts against two citizens over the charges of terrorism


On Tuesday, Australia released an arrest warrant against two Australian citizens who were fighting in Syria. The photo of them holding severed heads of Syrian soldiers surfaced on internet. The Australian officials said that they have issued an arrest warrant against Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar over terrorism. Last year both of them went to Iraq and Syria to fight for ... Read More »

US secretary John Kerry praises Indian Prime minister’s vision


United States secretary John Kerry to visit India soon was an attempt to improve Indo –US ties that have been rocky for last few months. It would be the first visit of any US diplomat after the arrest and jail of Indian diplomat in US. Devyani Khobragade, official in New York consulate was arrested over the charges of visa fraud. ... Read More »

Big blow for Putin: west imposes restriction and rebels suffers loss in Ukraine


On Monday, the pro Russian rebels suffered huge loss in Ukraine during the battle with the Ukrainian army. Amid this setback, United States and European Union is all set to impose toughest restriction on Russian banks this week. According to the reports, the Ukrainian army has regained control over the territory near the MH17 crash site. The Ukrainian army is ... Read More »