Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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200 people were trapped in mudslide in India


According to officials, more than 200 people were trapped in a mudslide that occurred in village in Western part of the country. In the landslide more than 40 houses were buried. The government has started the rescue operation to save the trapped people. The rescue team has started clearing the debris and was trying to look for the trapped people. ... Read More »

Ebola virus killed top two African doctors


On Tuesday, Top two doctors in Africa who were treating patients with Ebola symptoms died after getting infected with the disease. Dr Samuel Brisbane, who worked in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia and Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan from Sierra Leone died due to Ebola infection. Tolbert Nyenswah, from health Ministry said that the situation is worsening ... Read More »

US and EU to take strong action against Russia


On Tuesday, Washington announced that Both United States and European Union have agreed to impose tougher restrictions on Russia over the support to pro Russian rebels in Ukraine who shot down MH17 airliner that led to the death of 298 people. Tony Blinken, US national security advisor said “Russia is doubling down on its own efforts to support the separatists ... Read More »

Violent clashes between Chinese police and mob left many dead in Xinjiang region


On Monday, the violent clash between the Chinese police officials and Uighur minority left dozens dead in Xinjiang region. The clash took place after series of bomb blast in the region. The police officials killed and shot several Uighur people who were suspected of attacking the police station and government buildings in 28th July. According to the report, the Chinese ... Read More »

Suzuki recalls 25,900 Verona Sedans


US Safety Regulators have said that Suzuki has recalled 25,900 vehicles of its Verona Sedans from United States. The recall was for the increase risk of fire in daytime running. According to the US Safety, the model were built between 2004 to 2006. Before that Suzuki has recalled 184,244 cars from the roads for the same reason. The car were ... Read More »

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Hit 3.6 Million Views


Fifty Shades of Grey’s first trailer definitely beat the trailer of upcoming movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.     “Fifty Shades” trailer now has more than 36.4 million views in the span of 1 week. The trailer showed some epic erotic scenes of Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey and Anasatasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson. The trailer’s music was ... Read More »

Girl succumbs to injury collision with plane on Florida beach


On Tuesday, the Sarasota County officials claimed that a nine years old girl who was hit by a plane succumbed to her injured and died in hospital. She was hit by a plane in Florida beach when the plan made an emergency landing. The father of the girl, Ommy Irizarry died on spot after being hit by the plane. The ... Read More »

Beyonce Moving In On A New Apartment?


Beyonce was seen looking for a new apartment. Is her marriage with Jay Z the reason behind this?     The power couple have been facing lots of rumors with regards to their marriage. Many believe that their relationship is currently on the rocks and on its way to calling the marriage over. According to reports, they are just waiting for ... Read More »

Brandon Jenner Said To Have Kissed Stepsister Kim Kardashian Back in the Day


In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody Jenner have accidentally revealed a secret of Brandon Jenner. He said that Brandon and Kim Kardashian shared something special before.      Brody Jenner, 30, was on the hot seat during a family conversation. He was being playfully teased for being turned on when he accidentally walked in on Kim ... Read More »

Lea Michele Will Appear On “Sons of Anarchy”


Lea Michele will be appearing in the season’s sixth episode of “Sons of Anarchy”.      The 27-year-old famous “Glee” star will take on a role as a waitress and single mother, Gertie. She will be connecting with Gemma during a tremendous time. Michele seems to be very excited with her new role that she happily announced it on Twitter. ... Read More »