Saturday , 26 July 2014
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California on a Hunt for a Man Positive for Tuberculosis

California issues a manhunt against a man who refused tuberculosis treatment and warns that he may infect others. Health authorities obtained an arrest warrant for 25-year old Eduardo Rosas Cruz of Mexico, who was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Cruz arrived at San Joaquin General Hospital in March complaining of high fever, severe cough, shortness of breath, and weight loss. He was ... Read More »

Jennifer Lopez’ Ex-Beau Sends Her Sweet Birthday Wish

Pop star Jennifer Lopez, who turned 45 on July 24, received a sweet birthday message social network sites from her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart. Lopez recently broke up with Smart after a two and a half year relationship. Smart posted a picture of a pink bear cake which he had given to Lopez and was served on her 43rd birthday. The ... Read More »

Maximum of migrants are with sponsors in US


In a new data released, it has been observed that majority of the children that illegally crossed the border and was caught by the United States Border Patrolling Team are now with Sponsors. The data says that 85% of the unaccompanied children found in the United States, are with close relatives. Many of the children are with either of their ... Read More »

US Embassy Evacuated in Libya


The US special craft and spy have moved all the members of the United States Embassy from the terror hit Libya.  According to the latest news, the government did not want to take any chance with the members present at Libya as the country still fights for peace and the militants are fighting against each other. Personnels from US Embassy ... Read More »

Massive Dust Storm Covers Phoenix Area

An enormous dust storm engulfs Phoenix area that affects flights at the state’s airport and caused thousands of utility customers left without power for several hours Friday evening. The National Weather Service released a blowing dust advisory on Friday night for northwest Pinal and Maricopa counties in Arizona and also warned of thunderstorm with dense blowing dust covering larger areas. ... Read More »

Norway on High Alert Over Alleged Syria’s Islamist Militants Attack

Norway authorities are on high alert after intelligence reports reveal that a group of people from Syria is coming to Norway to carry out a terrorist attack in the coming days. Benedicte Bjoernland, unit’s chief of PST security service of Norway, said on Friday that they received reports that suggest a terror attack is imminent. She described the threat “non-specific” ... Read More »

ISIS orders Iraqi women to wear full veil


ISIS, the off shoot of Al Qaeda has ordered the women to wear full veils in their controlled area. The militants have issued a warning that states that women do not wear full face veil will be punished under Islamic law. Earlier the militants have captured the cities in Iraq and have declared the establishment of caliphate. The Islamic state ... Read More »

Meriam Ibrahim meets pope after escaping from Sudan


On Thursday, Meriam Ibrahim met pope in Vatican City after escaping the death sentence in Sudan. Ibrahim, a mother of two is put on death sentence for refusing to reject Christianity. Ibrahim fled out of Sudan with her American husband with her children and she met Pope after few hours. Pope blessed her for her courage and faith on Christianity. ... Read More »

Bad weather led to crash of air Algeria


Air Algeria airliner crashed in Mali killed all the passengers who were travelling from Burkina Faso to capital city of Algeria. France confirmed the death of all the passengers in the tragedy. On Saturday, French President Hollande said that there was no survivor and only debris of the plane was found. The crash killed 54 French nationals out of 116 ... Read More »

US officials : Russian army massing near Ukrainian border


On Friday, United States intelligence department accused Russia of massing the army near the Ukrainian territory and also claimed that Russia is planning to give high tech missiles to the pro Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations and claimed that they were not supporting the rebels either directly or indirectly. Russian President, Vladimir Putin said ... Read More »