Thursday , 24 July 2014
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Your Dog Feels Jealous Too, Study Says

Dogs do feel jealous of other dogs or other things that catch their owners’ attention, a study revealed. The first experiment on dog jealousy shows that jealousy is an emotion not exclusive to humans. Researchers said it can be observed in other animals too. Scientists previously thought jealousy involved complex minds. They stated that the feeling could not only involve ... Read More »

Arizona execution under criticism over lethal injection


On Wednesday, after the State of Arizona  gave lethal injection to Joseph Wood, he was suppose to die quickly and painlessly but it took nearly 2 hours for him to expire. Journalist who witnessed the death execution mentioned that it was difficult to watch him struggle and gasp in pain for 2 hours. One of the journalist mentioned that the ... Read More »

US calls for truce as deal toll rises in Gaza


United States pushes for peace truce between Israel and Gaza as the conflict continues. The Israeli ground operation has killed 718 people in a week. According to the sources, the Obama administration is facing enormous pressure from European and Arab allies to stop the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Earlier Egypt proposed a peace offer but Hamas rejected it stating ... Read More »

Bomb blast in Kaduna city of Nigeria killed 39 people


According to reports, bomb blast in Kaduna city of Nigeria killed 39 people. The police commissioner of the province, Shehu Umar claimed that the first blast killed 25 people and one died in the second blast. The police officials also mentioned that they have arrested one man who dressed like a woman was loitering near the blast site. Police suspects ... Read More »

Taiwan plane crash killed 48 people, officials defends flight clearance


On Thursday, after the plane crashed killing 48 people in Taiwan, the officials defend the clearance given to the flight. According to the officials, the Flight GE222 crashed while it tried to land amid the stormy weather. The plan was carrying 54 passengers along with four crew member. Only ten people survived the mishap at Magong on the Penghu island ... Read More »

Bodies of MH17 victims arrives on Dutch land


On Wednesday, the bodies of victims of Malaysian plane crash arrived Netherlands air base in Eindhoven, where they were greeted by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. Experts suggest that determination and identification of the bodies would be a very challenging task as the bodies were collected and stored by the pro Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine where the passenger plane ... Read More »

United States has suspended the airline service to Israel


On Tuesday several airlines including United States and European airlines have halted the air service to Israel after a rocket fired by Hamas destroyed a house near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. After the incident, United States levied a 24 hours ban on air service to Israel. The officials at United States aviation ministry mentioned that they were taking the ... Read More »

European Union is all set to toughen the trade sanctions on Russia


On Tuesday, European Union threatened that it will impose stricter trade sanctions on Russian over the Malaysian airline crash in eastern Ukraine. But, EU mentioned that they have delayed the action for few days. Experts suggest that further trade sanctions can damage the Russian economy badly. United States and European Union were planning to forge united front against Russia but ... Read More »

Studies Show Dogs Experience Jealousy


Researcher say that dogs do get jealous. In the study dogs showed attention seeking responses when their owners gave affection to stuffed dogs.   In addition dogs showed the same jealous behavior when their owners played with other dogs. The study was published in the journal “Plos One”.   According to Christine Harris, a psychology professor at UCSD, the study ... Read More »

17 Year-Old Pilot Dies In Crash Father Still Missing


A 17 year old Indiana boy crashed his single-engine plane into water not long after he took off from Pago that is located in American Samoa. The young pilot was involved in a charity flight that was to be flown around the world. Wednesday it all ended.   The pilot of the small plane was Haris Suleman who was a ... Read More »