Saturday , 26 July 2014
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Norway on High Alert Over Alleged Syria’s Islamist Militants Attack

Norway authorities are on high alert after intelligence reports reveal that a group of people from Syria is coming to Norway to carry out a terrorist attack in the coming days. Benedicte Bjoernland, unit’s chief of PST security service of Norway, said on Friday that they received reports that suggest a terror attack is imminent. She described the threat “non-specific” ... Read More »

ISIS orders Iraqi women to wear full veil


ISIS, the off shoot of Al Qaeda has ordered the women to wear full veils in their controlled area. The militants have issued a warning that states that women do not wear full face veil will be punished under Islamic law. Earlier the militants have captured the cities in Iraq and have declared the establishment of caliphate. The Islamic state ... Read More »

Meriam Ibrahim meets pope after escaping from Sudan


On Thursday, Meriam Ibrahim met pope in Vatican City after escaping the death sentence in Sudan. Ibrahim, a mother of two is put on death sentence for refusing to reject Christianity. Ibrahim fled out of Sudan with her American husband with her children and she met Pope after few hours. Pope blessed her for her courage and faith on Christianity. ... Read More »

Bad weather led to crash of air Algeria


Air Algeria airliner crashed in Mali killed all the passengers who were travelling from Burkina Faso to capital city of Algeria. France confirmed the death of all the passengers in the tragedy. On Saturday, French President Hollande said that there was no survivor and only debris of the plane was found. The crash killed 54 French nationals out of 116 ... Read More »

US officials : Russian army massing near Ukrainian border


On Friday, United States intelligence department accused Russia of massing the army near the Ukrainian territory and also claimed that Russia is planning to give high tech missiles to the pro Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations and claimed that they were not supporting the rebels either directly or indirectly. Russian President, Vladimir Putin said ... Read More »

Pro Russian shot down two jets in eastern Ukraine


After shooting down the Malaysian airplane MH17, the pro Russian rebels again shot down two more jets over the eastern Ukraine on Wednesday. The Eastern Ukraine is under the control of rebels and they were fighting against the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian officials claimed that the pilot ejected from the plane but their condition is not available immediately.  The military officials ... Read More »

Israel and Hamas accepts 12 hours humanitarian ceasefire


After days of international pressure, both Israel and Hamas agreed to accept 12 hours of humanitarian ceasefire. The ceasefire is set to begin at 7.00 am on Saturday and last till 7.00 pm. The ceasefire is set to bring a temporary halt to the 19 days old conflict. Earlier both Israel and Hamas rejected a peace truce introduced by Egypt ... Read More »

European Union imposes sanctions on Russian


On Friday, the European Union targeted the chief of Russian Intelligence agency by imposing stricter travel ban and also freezes his assets over the support of Russia in Eastern Ukraine. Along with the chief 15 new members were also targeted including Alexander Bortnikov, head of the Russian Federal Security Service, and Sergei Beseda, head of the FSB department According to ... Read More »

Foster Dad Arrested 2 Year Old Dies In Car

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Another child dies when left in a hot car. A 10 month old baby girl was left alone in a hot car in Wichita Kansas. It was the baby’s foster dad that was arrested for the act. This has lead to officials doing home inspections of adoptive as well as foster families. According to police records that father had picked ... Read More »

Will The GOP Call To Impeach Obama


According to a top aid of the president, the democratic party should not be so quick to discount the Republican’s call to impeach President Obama. He warned that the House of Republicans are no doubt more angious to impeach the president than people think. Avisor Dan Pfeiffer said that many in the town laugh this off but he would not ... Read More »