Saturday , 12 July 2014
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Death rate continues to increase in Gaza as Israel strikes


Despite the United Nations called for ceasefire, Palestine and Israel continues to exchange rockets and missiles.  In the latest air strike by Israel, a mosque and a hospital for disabled destroyed in Gaza strip. On Saturday, Palestinian authorities reported that the death toll rose to 159 in Gaza and majority of them is civilian causalities. According to a report released ... Read More »

Oldest Down Syndrome Case Links to a 1,500-Year-Old Child Skeleton

The oldest case of Down syndrome has been discovered in the skeleton of a child who lived 1,500 years ago in medieval France. French researchers unearthed the skeleton of a child, aged between five and seven, buried with dozens of others in an ancient graveyard in eastern France. The skeleton was first discovered in 1989, but it wasn’t until recently ... Read More »

Apple Disproves China’s Claim iPhone is a Security Risk

Apple Inc. denies on Saturday the China state-run television’s claim that iPhones Frequent Location feature is a security risk. Apple maintained that the feature only keep location data on the iOS device, they are not sent and backed up on iCloud or iTunes, and they are highly secured. The tech giant also stressed that it does not know the Frequent ... Read More »

Truck Drivers in 2 California Ports Agree to End Strike

At least 120 truck drivers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach agreed Saturday to temporarily end their strike. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he asked the drivers for a cooling-off period which the truckers approved while the city’s harbor commission look into their allegations of unfair labor practices and poor working conditions. The truck drivers’ strike ... Read More »

‘Fast and Furious 7′ Finished Filming, Cancelled Racing Scene

As the filming of “Fast and Furious 7” was finished, it was also revealed that one big and apparently important scene for the movie was cancelled because it was just too dangerous. The shoot was being set up at Willow Springs International Raceway, about 45 minutes away from the site where Paul Walker died. Reports said the shoot was prepared for several ... Read More »

Avon Lake Ohio Woman Charged With Husband’s Suicide

stun gun

A woman in Avon Lake Ohio called police to report that her husband had just committed suicide by suffocating himself. Now the wife has been charged with the 2011 murder. After a long investigation that lasted three years, it was concluded that Michael Gabel who was 55 years old, did not commit suicide. It was this wife by the name ... Read More »

Comedian Tracy Morgan To Sue Walmart For Crash

tracy morgan

A lawsuit has been filed against Walmart by Tracy Morgan. It was filed on Thursday in the United States District Court in New Jersey. The lawsuit is in connection with the Walmart truck that slammed into the luxury limon that was carrying several passengers that included comedian Morgan who is age 45. Others were injured as well, and one was ... Read More »

Jackson State Senator Chris McDaniel Questionable Ballots


Chris McDaniel State Senator is still not giving up to his incumbent United States Senator Thad Cochran. McDaniel said that his campaign workers have found 8,300 questionable ballots all from all across the state. The reason for the question about the ballots is that many of the votes were cast by ineligible voters during the runoff on June 24th. On ... Read More »

Man Arrested For Shooting Six Collapses Twice In Court

man collapses

In Houston, a man that was accused of a mass killing of 6 family members collapsed in the courtroom twice Friday. The man is on trial or killing six of his ex-wife’s family members after he forced his way into their home. Four of the dead were children. It was during a probable cause hearing that Ronald Lee Haskell collaped ... Read More »

“Harry Potter” Actor Dave Legeno Found Dead After Hiking California’s Death Valley

Police confirms that “Harry Potter” actor Dave Legeno was found dead after climbing Death Valley in California last Sunday. Reports said 50-year old Legeno was discovered early Sunday morning by a pair of hikers. Reports said Inyo County Sheriff’s office had dispatched a helicopter to locate and recover the body of the British actor. Legeno was known for playing Fenrir ... Read More »