Monday , 28 July 2014
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LG G3 ready to shake the market


LG has done pretty well to compete with the giants like Samsung and Apple in the past with the model LG G2. However, the challenge will now be equally poised with LG is coming up with the 5.5 inch screen LG G3. It would be hard for LG to compete in the market especially the US market which is occupied ... Read More »

Trees save 850 people per year from pollution


Everybody knows that Tree inhales Carbon Di Oxide and exhales Oxygen. The Oxygen which is the solo reason for the existence of our life. However, trees are not only supplying oxygen but also cleaning the air every time by removing the toxic substances. New study has found out that  trees save almost 850 people all over the world every year ... Read More »

Lucy Vs Hercules at Box Office


Scarlett Johansson is on the high sky as her new movie “Lucy” is having a dream run at the box office. The movie which was facing the competition from the Hercules of Dwayne Johansson has completely outshined the later. The movie has collected $44 million over the weekend. Scarlett Johansson had much to prove and “Lucy” was the perfect platform ... Read More »

Zillow acquires Trulia for $3.5 billion


The Online Real Estate Agents would come under the same banner. Yes, The Real Estate Giant online Zillow has agreed to acquire Trulia for whopping amount of $3.5 Billion. Zillow announced the news on Monday. The acquisition and the complete transition will take roughly a year. The two giants of the industry would continue be operated under same name yet ... Read More »

Lightning kills one in Venice Beach, Calif


A 20 year old man has been killed by the fatal lightning in the Venice Beach of Calif. Apart from it seven others were injured in the incident and one of them critically injured. The incident took place when they were swimming on the coast of Venice Beach. The death from the lightning strike in US have reduced considerably in ... Read More »

Three in Hospital killed by Israel Drone in Gaza


The death toll of the Israel and Palestine conflict has mounted to 1055 with more than 6000 are injured. In a fresh attack by Israel more than three were killed in a hospital and seven more in a nearby park. The incident took place when drone attack of Israel hit the Shifa Hospital. Shortly after the incident another drone attacked ... Read More »

Samsung Delays Russia Launch of Tizen Smartphone

Samsung Electronics Co. announced Monday it is delaying the launch of its first Tizen-powered smartphone in Russia. Samsung earlier planned to start selling Samsung Z in Russia this quarter. But the South Korean company said it needed more time to further improve the Tizen “ecosystem,” a reference to an apparent shortage of apps for the platform. The company did not ... Read More »

Malaysia seeks ceasefire near the MH17 crash site


According to fresh reports, the fight between the Ukrainian army and pro Russian rebels has intensified near the crash city of MH17. On 28th July the Ukrainian government announced that their forces have reclaimed city of Debaltsevo and the hill of Saur-Mohyla, in the Donetsk region. A team of Dutch scientists was about to visit the crash site on 27th ... Read More »

Syrian President prays as his troops suffers heavy loss


On Monday, the Syrian media telecasted the new about the President of the country, Assad praying for his troops that suffered a heavy loss in a battle with Islamic militants. According to the reports, Assad offered his prayers in Damascus during the holy month of Ramadan. He was seen in Damascus’ Khair mosque early Monday. The official reports suggest that ... Read More »

UN council members presses for ceasefire in Gaza


On Monday, United Nations Security Council members called an emergency meeting in New York to discuss about the ceasefire in Gaza. The clashes between Israel and Gaza have killed more than 1000 Palestinians in past 20 days. The council uniformly demanded for “an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza.”  The council said that the immediate ceasefire will help the ... Read More »