Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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Nissan Recalls Certain Vehicles Due To Defective Air Bags


On Saturday, Nissan Motor announced another set of recalls because of faulty air bags.     According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall will be for 226,326 vehicles in models of Infiniti, Pathfinder, Maxima and Sentra that were manufactured during 2002 until 2004. Based on a given statement, the faulty air bags were made by Takata Corporation ... Read More »

Johnny Rockets’ Employee Screamed at singer Aretha Franklin


It was on Tuesday when Aretha Franklin, 72, went to Johnny Rockets in Niagra Falls, Ontario and ordered a burger for takeout. The incident happened eventually when she sat down at the restaurant and ate her burger. An employee screamed at her telling her that she couldn’t eat a to go burger inside the restaurant.       The said employee ... Read More »

Greg Foran is Wal-Mart’s new U.S. CEO


On Thursday, Wal-mart made an announcement that Bill Simon will be leaving the company and that Greg Foran will become the new U.S. CEO.     It has been reported that Greg Foran will start his role on August 9 and he will be a direct report of Wla-Mart President and CEO Doug McMillon. Bill Simon will be easily reachable ... Read More »

Obama Administration Proposes Phasing Out Old Rail Cars


A new proposal has been made by the Obama administration which focuses on eliminating older tank cars that are tied to a lethal wrecking last year. It also included bringing down the speed limits to diminish crude oil hauling.        The said proposal also focuses on improving braking systems. The said situation is applicable to shipments of corn-based ... Read More »

McDonald’s Corp And Yum Brands Apologizes After Facing New Issue


On Monday, McDonals’s and Yum made apologies to their consumers after their meat supplier was raided and shut down by Chinese officials. A report was aired on TV showing factory workers picking up pieces of meat on the workplace floor as well as using expired meat. Workers mix the expired ones with the fresh ones.       The two ... Read More »

Hershey’s Increases Prices of Chocolate Products

U.S. chocolate company Hershey Co. this week announces that it raised prices of its chocolates to offset the globally high prices of cocoa. Hersey’s North America operation president Michele G. Buck said the product spot prices for ingredients such as cocoa, nuts, and dairy have increase again this year. The price increase of Hershey’s chocolate bar would be around 8% ... Read More »

Dollar Stabilizes Against Euro After Malaysian Plane Incident


Just a day after the Malaysian plane incident, dollar stabilizes against euro.     According to officials, evidence leads to the possibility that pro-Moscow separatists are the ones responsible for the Malaysian plane crash. Authorities are also looking into the picture that the said group might have been receiving help from Russia. The crashed plane killed all 298 people on ... Read More »

FedEx Faces Charges for Shipping Prescription Drugs for Online Pharmacies

U.S. Justice Department charges FedEx Corp. of allegedly colluding in shipping prescription drugs for illegal online pharmacies. In a 15-count indictment filed in San Francisco in California Thursday, federal prosecutors claimed that since 2004, FedEx repeatedly disregarded the government’s warnings that it was violating the law by shipping drugs ordered from online pharmacies, which distributed them to any individual who ... Read More »

Microsoft Expected to Announce Job Cuts Thursday

Microsoft Corporation is expected to make announcement on Thursday about job cuts, which is said to affect more than 6,000 employees. The layoff could be the largest in the company in its 39-year history and comes five months since Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella assumed the post. Nadella’s predecessor Steve Ballmer terminated about 5,800, or about 6 percent of headcount ... Read More »

California Drought May Reach $2.2 Billion in Agriculture Losses This Year

The drought that is currently affecting California may reach $2.2 billion of agricultural losses for the state this year. The estimate by the Center for Watershed Sciences at the University of California-Davis is much higher than its earlier assessment of drought impacts. The center said aside from the $810 million in estimated losses in Central Valley, they also calculate that ... Read More »