Saturday , 23 August 2014
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Director Shares Ryan Gosling Wanted Rachel McAdams Out of “The Notebook”

“The Notebook” actors did not get along while filming the 2004 romantic drama unlike what fans thought. “The Notebook” director Nick Cassavetes revealed that there was a tension between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams when they were filming the movie, to the point that Gosling wanted McAdams out of the set. Cassavetes shared some stories behind the camera including how ... Read More »

Paul Mazursky Dies At 84


Famous filmmaker, Paul Mazursky, died at age 84.      Mazursky was able to produce successful movies during the 1960s and ’70s. Some of the films are “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, “An Unmarried Woman”, “Harry and Tonto”, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. His movies definitely captured the hearts of audiences. He was nominated five times for ... Read More »

Christina McLarty And David Arquette Will Soon Tie The Knot!


On July 2, David Arquette asked Christina McLarty for her hand in marriage.      The heart warming question was asked in front of their family during a joyful dinner at The Mastro’s steakhouse. Charlie West, 2-month-old baby of the couple, and Coco, Arquette and Cox’s child, witnessed the sweet moment.       Arquette and McLarty have been dating ... Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Sues People Behind Grand Theft Auto V


Lindsay Lohan is definitely not a fan of Grand Theft Auto V. The star is suing the people behind the game, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar.       Lohan claims that a character from the said game, Lacey Jonas, is made to her likeness. She said that the character has the same style of clothing, outfits, clothing line products, ensemble in ... Read More »

Bob Hastings of McHale’s Navy Dies At Age 89

bob hastings

Bob Hastings a radio actor who got his foot into the television industry by playing a “yes man” to Lt. Elroy Carpenter on the 1960′s sitcome. The popular sitcome was McHale’s Navy. Hastings died Monday in his home of prostate cancer. It was in the year of 1936 that Hastings began his career in radio. He was 11 years old ... Read More »

Robin Williams Back In Rehab


Robin Williams, 62, is back in rehab again. The actor will spend the coming weeks in Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centre in Minnesota.        The award winning actor checked himself into the place to make himself focus on continued commitment. He is extremely proud of his achievements and for being able to battle cocaine and drinking. Williams definitely has ... Read More »

Madonna Donates For Detroit Youth


Madonna recently paid a visit to her hometown.     The pop star made an announcement following her recent visit that she has been inspired thus, she will be donating money to support the young generation. Madonna will be donating money to Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym for a new facility. She believes that the place appeals to kids.     ... Read More »

Beyonce outshines Forbes celebrity List


Pop singer Beyonce tops the Forbes celebrity list with earnings of about USD 115 million annually. The list released by Forbes also includes the name of her rapper husband Jay z, lady gaga, Oprah Winfrey and golfer Tiger Woods. The magazine claimed that they have analyzed more than 100 celebrities from fields like movies, TV, music, sports, books and modeling ... Read More »

Beyonce And Jay Z Stage Kiss


Beyonce and Jay Z have always been private with regards to showing off their romance but not until rumors have been spreading that their relationship is on the rocks.       The power couple definitely wanted to put an end to the issue so they romantically kissed on stage on of their tours. Fans were definitely surprised. Jay Z was wearing white ... Read More »

Pharell Williams And Eddie Vedder Got Invites To Join Oscars Academy


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent a total of 271 invites for the Oscars Academy. Pharrell Williams and Eddie Vedder were included in the recipients.        Williams was nominated for Best Original Song for his ‘Happy’ song while Vedder was nominated in the same category for ‘Guaranteed’.       ‘Happy’ was originally written for ... Read More »