Monday , 28 July 2014
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Spider can listen to their web


Scientists have found out fascinating and interesting stuff about Spider and its web. According to the scientists the sonic properties of the Spider Web has created new dimension of research and study. It has been found out that when a prey gets stuck on the silk web of spider, it creates special frequency and wave. But interestingly Spider can listen ... Read More »

“Beast” Asteroid to Pass Near Earth on Sunday

A huge asteroid, named “Beast”, will pass near the Earth on Sunday (June 8). The “Beast” asteroid will be around the distance of 777,000 miles at its closest to Earth, or about 3.25 times the distance from Earth to the moon. It is more than 1,000 feet wide. Researchers stressed that there is no chance that the asteroid will impact ... Read More »

Fossil Egg found in good condition in China


Recently in China, a fossil egg was discovered in good condition. According to the researchers the fossil egg belongs to the giant and ancient flying reptile pterosaur. The recent discovery would shed some light on the existence and extinction of   the mysterious creature. According to the Chinese researchers, the giant reptile lived in nested colonies like modern days avian ... Read More »

Human-Safe Pesticide Discovered


Researchers at Drexel University discovered a pesticide which is said to be safe for humans. Erythritol, sugar found in some fruits and also in the sweetener Truvia®, not only attracts fruit flies but also kills them.     It all started when Simon D. Kaschock-Marenda decided to work on effects of sweeteners on fly during his 6th grade. His father, ... Read More »

New Study: Koalas Hug Trees To Cool Themselves


Ever wondered why Koalas hug trees?     You see them hang around with other koala folks and cling to various trees. They are so adorable and many are definitely in awe of them just like the team of researchers from the University of Melbourne who followed them and used thermal imaging to discover why koalas are tree-huggers!     ... Read More »

Brazil bans killing of pink dolphins in Amazon River


On Wednesday, Brazilian government imposed a five year ban on killing of pink dolphins in Amazon River. The dolphins were killed by the fishermen who use dolphin’s meat as bait to lure catfish called piracatinga in Amazon River. Along with the decision, Brazilian government also announced five-year moratorium on the catching of catfish. The moratorium would be effective from next ... Read More »

Bat Species Extinct for 124 Years Resurfaced in Papua New Guinea

A species of big-eared bat that was last seen more than a century ago has been resurfaced in a forest in Papua New Guinea, Australian researchers announced on Wednesday. The New Guinea big-eared bat, which is a species of vesper bat, was first discovered in 1890 by Italian scientist Dr. L. Loria along the Kemp Welch River in British New ... Read More »

A spider uses the power of Music to spin their web


According to a recent study, Spiders know how to harness the power of Music. The study report establishes that the spider silk is capable of transmitting high frequency vibration across the web that attracts the prey. When the spider plucks the string, the vibration carries the information about prey, foe, friend and structural integrity of a web. The research was ... Read More »

Why Do Koalas Hug Trees


In the study to find out why Koalas hug trees scientists used thermal cameras to find that in hotter weather Koalas make their move to the lower parts of the tree. It was also noted that in addition to moving to lower parts of the trees, they press thier bodies closer to the tree.   This is a part of ... Read More »

The Alaska Volcanic Observatory Calls A Red Alert


An Alaska volcano is erupting with such intensity that the Alaska Volcano Observatory scientist have issued a “red” alert. An alert such as this has not been issued since the year 2009. In 2009 Mount Redoubt has several eruptions with ashes shooting up to 50,000 ft.   A volcano that has been spewing ashes and lava for year has now ... Read More »