Thursday , 24 July 2014
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A spider uses the power of Music to spin their web


According to a recent study, Spiders know how to harness the power of Music. The study report establishes that the spider silk is capable of transmitting high frequency vibration across the web that attracts the prey. When the spider plucks the string, the vibration carries the information about prey, foe, friend and structural integrity of a web. The research was ... Read More »

Why Do Koalas Hug Trees


In the study to find out why Koalas hug trees scientists used thermal cameras to find that in hotter weather Koalas make their move to the lower parts of the tree. It was also noted that in addition to moving to lower parts of the trees, they press thier bodies closer to the tree.   This is a part of ... Read More »

The Alaska Volcanic Observatory Calls A Red Alert


An Alaska volcano is erupting with such intensity that the Alaska Volcano Observatory scientist have issued a “red” alert. An alert such as this has not been issued since the year 2009. In 2009 Mount Redoubt has several eruptions with ashes shooting up to 50,000 ft.   A volcano that has been spewing ashes and lava for year has now ... Read More »

NASA To Test Mars “Flying Saucer” Parachute In Hawaii Island

The skies in the Hawaiian island of Kauai will be the testing atmosphere for NASA’s Mars flying saucer-shaped parachute on Tuesday. The new Mars’ 110 feet in diameter spacecraft is twice as big as the one that carried the 1-ton Curiosity. It was designed to land heavy loads on the red planet. In the past, robotic landers and rovers have ... Read More »

World’s best thermometer discovered by Australian scientists


A research team in Australia’s University of Adelaide has successfully discovered world’s most sensitive thermometer that can measure 30 billionth of a degree. Research scientist, Andre Luiten said “”We believe this is the best measurement ever made of temperature at room temperature,” He also pointed out that the discovery of the most sensitive thermometer has made it possible to calculate even ... Read More »

Dogs and Human were best friends in ancient time


Scientists have analysed that Dog might have been used to help for the hunting of mammoth in the past. Scientists have analysed that the dogs were used to be best friend of human. Latest research said that dogs were used to help in hunting the mammoth. Scientists have tested the DNA of the bones remain of killing sites. The DNA ... Read More »

SpaceX Unveils Reusable Space Capsule Dragon V2

SpaceX unveils a re-useable spacecraft which could transport astronauts into the International Space Station, and could als do take-off and landing anywhere on Earth just like a helicopter. The Dragon V2 is equipped with side-mounted thrusters and legs to allow it to land vertically, without the need for a runway. SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk said this capsule would one ... Read More »

New Phone App Tracks Lionfish


Venomous species of spiked lionfish are rapidly growing and overtaking the waters of Florida. The fishes are damaging the reefs, feeding on native fishes such as the yellowtail snapper, Nassau grouper and banded coral shrimp and other crustaceans.     The Report Florida Lionfish app is being used by Florida citizens to help track and raise awareness of the invasive ... Read More »

Study Reveals that Earth on verge of Sixth greatest Extinction


According to a report submitted by biologists from Duke University, Most of the endangered animal and plant species are on verge of getting extinct. The rate of extinction was found to be 1000 times more than ever. The study indicated that the destruction of natural habitats of the plant and animal species are the main reason behind the enhanced extinction ... Read More »

Climate Change Or Gobal Warming Which Is It

climate change

Today the term “climate change”, is the prefered term over the former, “global warming”. When the term climate change is used, it covers more than just the warming of the planet. Climate change also includes, droughts, severe storms and damaging winds.   It is interesting when it comes to polls. Americans relate to the terms very differently. Thus they give ... Read More »