Monday , 20 October 2014
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European space agency says two satellites go into wrong orbit

On Friday, Russian built Galileo satellites launched into space went into wrong orbit. The satellite fired in space failed to reach the intended orbit. The officials at the space center said “The satellites failed to reach the expected orbit and went for much lower orbit” The officials further stated “Observations taken after the separation of the satellites from the Soyuz ... Read More »

Strong Earthquake threatens volcanic eruption

On Sunday, the meteorological department of Iceland issued a warning about volcanic eruption after two strong earthquakes rattled the region. The explosion at Bardarbunga volcano can recreate the chaos by halting global travelers in similar way it halted over ten lakh travelers four years ago in Europe due to ash cloud. According to the metrological department, the earthquake was measured ... Read More »

Ancient Dino footprints set for public display

Ancient footprints of 112 million years old dinosaurs were set to be displayed for public in Utah near Moab. The footprint includes the tracks of ankylosaurus, dromaeosaurus and mysterious ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus rex. The organizers have decided to display the footprints of 10 ancient giant reptiles lived in cretaceous period. The footprints were first discovered in year 2009, after ... Read More »

Study : Corals and fishes can sense good and bad reefs

According to recent research Pacific corals and fishes bears the ability to detect good and bad reefs. The study further indicates that both the species uses the skill to detect their neighboring in order to stay safe from damaged reefs. The research revealed that the chemicals produced by the damaged reefs impacts young corals and fishes badly. The study goes ... Read More »

Iceland on alert after increase in volcanic activities

On Saturday, the meteorological office in Iceland warned the government against the increased volcanic activities in country’s biggest volcano. After the warning, the government officials claimed that the disaster management team is on high alert and closing watching the volcanic unrest. The Reykjavik-based agency said “The rate of volcanic activity has increased and it has become difficult to monitor every ... Read More »

In Middle East 7000 years old metal object was discovered

In Middle East a 7000 years old copper awl is discovered from a woman’s grave which is expected to be the oldest metal recovered. After the discovery of the oldest metal, researchers indicated that the metal objects were used in olden ages by the human being. The object was unearthed in an archeological site known as Tel Tsaf, located near ... Read More »

Earth’s surfaces rises followed by western drought and groundwater level drop

A study report has indicated that a year long drought that caused the evaporation of 63 trillion gallons of water is now causing rise in earth surface. The research claimed that the extreme condition lifted the earth crust in western part of United States. Since 2013, one sixth of one inch surface was elevated by the pressured caused due to ... Read More »

Despite of increasing greenhouse gases slowdown in global warming

A recent research has revealed that the Atlantic Ocean is soaking the heat at the surface and sending it deep down the earth but this phenomenon might reverse by next thirty years and can cause rapid rise in global temperature. The research indicated that soaking of surface heat by the oceans started since the year 1988. A lead researcher Ka-Kit ... Read More »

Over 100,000 Elephants Killed in 3 years Because of Lucrative Ivory Trade

Poachers trading for ivory illegally killed over 100,000 elephants in Africa in just three years, a new study reveals. Scientists said the mass illegal elephant killings in Africa is a disaster and raises concern about their survival when there is only an estimated of 500,000 elephants left in the continent. Study co-author George Wittemyer, a professor at Colorado State University, said ... Read More »

Ancient Pterosaurs once ruled the skies

A recent study has revealed that giant toothless Pterosaur species ruled the skies around 60 million years ago. Experts believed that the toothless giants have played an important role in end of cretaceous period. The study highlighted that the pterosaur had no teeth and belong to Azhdarchidae family. The research also revealed that the toothless giants replayed their toothed ancestors ... Read More »