Saturday , 20 September 2014
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Despite of increasing greenhouse gases slowdown in global warming


A recent research has revealed that the Atlantic Ocean is soaking the heat at the surface and sending it deep down the earth but this phenomenon might reverse by next thirty years and can cause rapid rise in global temperature. The research indicated that soaking of surface heat by the oceans started since the year 1988. A lead researcher Ka-Kit ... Read More »

Over 100,000 Elephants Killed in 3 years Because of Lucrative Ivory Trade

Poachers trading for ivory illegally killed over 100,000 elephants in Africa in just three years, a new study reveals. Scientists said the mass illegal elephant killings in Africa is a disaster and raises concern about their survival when there is only an estimated of 500,000 elephants left in the continent. Study co-author George Wittemyer, a professor at Colorado State University, said ... Read More »

Ancient Pterosaurs once ruled the skies


A recent study has revealed that giant toothless Pterosaur species ruled the skies around 60 million years ago. Experts believed that the toothless giants have played an important role in end of cretaceous period. The study highlighted that the pterosaur had no teeth and belong to Azhdarchidae family. The research also revealed that the toothless giants replayed their toothed ancestors ... Read More »

Iceland raises Volcanic Eruption alarm


Thousands of small earthquakes are still shaking Iceland as the fear of volcanic eruption grows. The authority has already raised an alarm for the aviation in Iceland. The alarm level raised is Orange which is the second most in severity level. Seismologists say that the volcanic eruptions may soon take place at the Vatnajokull glacier which is Iceland’s largest one. However, ... Read More »

In The Year Of 2880 Gaint Asteroid To Collide With Earth


According to scientists there is an asteroid in our solar system that could collide with the Earth in 2880 CE. Researchers say that they feel as though the big event would not kill all life on Earth. This is because they now know what they should do in order to prevent this event from happening. At the University of Tennessee researchers ... Read More »

Massive red tide is growing rapidly in Florida beaches


The environmental officials in Florida have warned the residents to stay away from the beaches as massive red tide is growing at alarming rate. The red tide has covered most parts near the coastline and is blooming continuously. According to the biologists the algal stretch is one of the largest algal blooming since the year 2005. The red tide is ... Read More »

Seismic experts: Chile to face massive earthquake


Earthquake experts have suggested that Chile will soon face a massive earthquake. The quake that caused huge damage in April was nothing as compared to the one expert are expecting. According to the reports, in month of April, an earthquake with the magnitude of 8.2 hit the country that killed six people and damaged several housing establishments. The quakes also ... Read More »

Overfishing pushes Arapaima at the brink of extinction


The giant fish of Amazon River, the Arapaima is now facing the threat of extinction due to over fishing of the species. A recent study has revealed that the giant fish is slowly disappearing due to its commercial use. The study also highlighted the fact that in most of the region the fish is already missing. Arapaima is known to ... Read More »

Rare Case Of Panda Giving Birth To Triplets


On Tuesday, it was reported that an extremely case of birth of panda triplets was witnessed in China. The happening was fueled by the country’s efforts in pushing their artificial breeding program.   According to sources, the three cubs came to life on July 29 but the breeders hesitated in providing an official announcement unless all of the cubs survive. ... Read More »

August 12 is World Elephant Day


In 2012, it has been declared that every August 12 will be World Elephant Day. The acknowledgement aims to bring solid attention to Asian elephants as well as African elephants. The said species are currently facing problems with their habitats.   It is not surprising to know that many people from different parts of the world are in awe of elephants. ... Read More »