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Joan Lunden Posed With A Bald Head For Magazine

Joan Lunden definitely inspired a lot of women after he former Good Morning America anchor decided to take of her wig and posed with a bald head for a magazine cover. Lunden was diagnosed with breast cancer in June.   The 64-year-old expressed how positive she is with things and even looked at the bright side of getting cancer. She ... Read More »

Study : Cellular blob protein can treat cancer

A latest study has revealed that cellular blob protein can play an essential role in curing carcinogenic disorders. The research was conducted by scientists from University Medical Center in Washington D.C. and the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. The detailed report about the research was published in the online Journal magazine Cell Biology. The researcher of the study ... Read More »

Study: Regular intake of Aspirin reduces cancer rate

A recent study has reveled that intake of small quantity of cancer reduces the risk of dying from bowel, stomach and esophageal cancer. The researchers found that daily dose of aspirin for 10 years can reduce the risk of cancer by 40 percent. The report also mentions that aspirin intake cuts the rate of esophageal and stomach cancer by 30 ... Read More »

Over 2,500 9/11 Responders Diagnosed with Cancer

At least 2,500 responders and rescuers who worked at the World Trade Center’s Ground Zero following 9/11 attack are diagnosed to have cancer. Reports said World Trade Center Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital tallied 1,655 responders that include police officers, who were found to have certain cancers. The Fire Department of New York counted 863 firefighters and EMTs who ... Read More »

New Study: Anti-Cancer Drug For HIV

On Tuesday, Danish scientists discovered a way to re-activate hidden HIV. This is definitely a milestone for the health industry since this can help find a cure against HIV.     The drug involved is called romidepsin which is under the brand name Istodax. The said drug treats the T-cell lymphoma type of cancer. When used, it can re-activate HIV ... Read More »

Nutritious value of organic food is higher than non organic food

A new research claimed that organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than non organic food. The study was conducted by Professor Chuck Benbrook from Washington State University. Professor Benbrook mentioned that “The bottom line is that how you grow food, how it’s fertilized, impacts the nutritional quality of it,” He also mentioned that the results of the study has ... Read More »

Sunscreens are not enough to fight skin cancer

Going out to bathe in the sunlight? Applying a healthy amount of sunscreen? Well, that may not be enough. According to a recently published study, applying only sunscreen  can not protect you from skin cancer.     The lead researchers of the study was comprised of individuals from the United Kingdom’s Manchester Institute Cancer Research, the University of Manchester and ... Read More »

Study establishes link between permanent hair dye and cancer

A new study has revealed that light colored hair dye comprises of potential cancer causing agent. The study has warned the hairdressers against using light colored hair dye on their clients. World health organization has also issued a warning for hairdressers to prohibit the use of hair dyes as they contain carcinogenic compounds that can cause bladder cancer. The study ... Read More »

Americans walked for Relay for Life

Hundreds of Americans turned out for the American’s Cancer Society. The people hold a walk for the Relay for Life at the Council of Rock High School at Northampton. The walk for the Relay of Life were joined by the cancer survivors, Cancer Patients, and many other citizens came into the walk. The relay of life was majorly due to ... Read More »

Cancer Victim Wrote Hidden Message Found By Her Father

Athena Orchard, 12, died last Wednesday of cancer. The young girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in December 2013 after discovering a lump on her head.   Dean, Athena’s father, found a long note she wrote on the back of a mirror a few days following her death. The secret message was heartbreaking for her father. Here are some lines on Athena’s ... Read More »