Monday , 28 July 2014
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American Woman Gave Birth While Driving


Shawna Uriguen was driving her way to the doctor when she successfully delivered her daughter all by herself.      The baby was due on Saturday but Shawna Urigien was already experiencing contractions. She was talking to her fiance while looking for a place to pull over when the baby was born. She grabbed the baby out of her leg as ... Read More »

Justin Bieber Involved In A Car Accident


Justin Bieber, 20, was said to be involved in a car crash in Los Angeles.       A black Cadillac Escalade was hit by a BMW  in Beverly Hills. Authorities did not confirm whether Bieber was in the car but many witnesses claim that the young star was on the rear seat while the car was trying to flee from paparazzi. ... Read More »

China plans to remove 5 million cars to prevent pollution


With increased industrialization and automotive population in China, The country has become one of the most polluted countries in the world. To tackle the issue, China plans to remove 5 million cars from the road that do not meet the anti pollution criteria. The government of China issues a fresh advisory stating that those vehicles which do not satisfy the ... Read More »

Five killed when van hit and landed on top of a Sedan

Five killed when van smashes into car in California

Just before 7 am in Hesperia California, a van crushed into a car sitting at a stop sign killing five people that Sunday morning. Three of them were children. In the blue Honda car is a man and a boy who were taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. A woman and a girl were also in the sedan and was ... Read More »