Tuesday , 22 July 2014
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Google buys Skybox Imaging


Google Inc. has announced the official acquisition of the Skybox Imaging. Google would be using the satellite photos of the Skybox satellite for the Google Maps. The acquisition has been done reportedly on $500 million. According to the reports, the inexpensive satellites of the company would help Google to give more accurate details on the Google Maps. According to the ... Read More »

Google Receives 12,000 ‘To Be Forgotten’ Requests


On Google’s first day of ‘To Be Forgotten’ service, the company already received 12,000 requests.     Earlier in May, the European Court of Justice ruled that individuals have the right to have their information deleted online for certain circumstances such as outdated or inaccurate information. After setting up the form to allow Europeans to request to remove results about ... Read More »

Google Sets to Unveil Android TV this June

Google will launch its Android TV platform at the I/O 2014 developer conference this June, reports said. Although Google TV which was unveiled at I/O 2010 failed to take off, the company is still optimistic about its television plan that will be launched on June 25 and 26. Android TV will be a platform that will allow TV and set-top ... Read More »

Motorola To Shut Down Texas Factory

Google-owned Motorola Mobility will close its Texas smartphone factory before the year ends, only a year after it opened as the first smartphone factory in the U.S. Motorola Mobility spokesman Will Moss says sales of its flagship handset the Moto X were too weak and the higher costs of running the factory at Fort Worth was too high to keep ... Read More »

Google Employs More White Men, Acknowledges Diversity Problem

Google employs more men than women, and more white men than any other ethnicity, according to a workforce diversity report released by the company itself on Wednesday. The report shows that 70% of Google employees are men and 61% are white. There are only 2% of black workers while Hispanics accounted for 3%. Asians makes up the 30% of the ... Read More »

Google Will Start Building Their Self-Driving Cars Soon


Instead of using and modifying vehicles built by automobile giants, Google will start to build its own self-driving cars which composes of a stop-go button, steering wheel or pedals. Based on the picture, the self-driving car has that friendly look like the one you see in cartoons. The headlights look as if it were eyes and the front part looks ... Read More »

Project Tango Tablet


The Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 10 may have been already forgotten but tech fans might still see some exciting stuff from Google. According to some reports, the Project Tango Smartphone, new 7-inch tablet, will be released at Google’s I/O conference next month.   The pretty sweet thing about this new device is its packed 3D image capture technology. This ... Read More »

Google Has Most Satisfied Workers, Offers Best Pay and Benefits

Google offers the best pay and benefits to its employees, a new survey from Glassdoor revealing the top 25 U.S. companies with the best pay and benefits. Google topped the Glassdor list based on rankings voluntarily submitted by employees at each company. The survey shows that Google has the most satisfied workers with the compensation and benefits that they are ... Read More »

Google Adds PayPal To Google Play

android gaming

An announcement was made on Thursday that some changes will be made to Google’ “play store”. Among the changes google play will add on another means for its users to pay for games. Google at this time offers carrier billing, credit card payment, and gift cards as a means of purchase. However, now the Popular online payment service PayPal will ... Read More »

European Rule: “Right to be forgotten online”


The European Union’s top court presses a new rule this week that citizens should have the right to be forgotten online. It means that people can ask Google, Microsoft and other search engine owners to fully delete their personal information if they want to. If search engine owners would not comply, they will be sanctioned accordingly by authority.   The ... Read More »