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Google Reinstates Links to Guardian News Articles

Google has begun reinstating on Thursday the links to Guardian newspaper stories that it had removed in Web searches this week after the newspaper publicly complain about it removals.   The Guardian protested the removal of its stories about a soccer referee who lied about reversing a penalty decision and resigned after a scandal in 2010.   However, Google has ... Read More »

Google Bought Songza For $39 Million

Songza, music streaming service, is now owned by Google.      The tech giant reportedly bought Songza for $39 million. Songza specializes on providing music playlists to users depending on certain criteria like the user’s location, time and even weather status. Users are able to listen to playlists depending on their mood and what they are up to like driving ... Read More »

Google’s New Campaign: Made With Code

Google recently launched their ‘Made with Code’ campaign which aims to get girls into computer science. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 1% of high school girls are looking forward to computer science even if it’s one of the high demands today.       Diana Navarro, 18, loves to code and she is a computer ... Read More »

Google Acquires Video Advertising Company mDialog

Google makes another acquisition Thursday and this time it’s the video advertising company mDialog, a move to provide more high quality video options to its advertisers. Google said they will be working with the mDialog team to include their technology and expertise into its DoubleClick product suite for Google advertisers. The Internet giant added thatthey and mDialog are committed to ... Read More »

Google Announces A $50 Million Program To Encourage Girls To Code

Google is working with girls to encourage them to learn to program computers. On Thursday Google announced a $50 million program that is geared to encourage girls to learn to program computers.   Google will offer grants that will assist with coding activities working in conjunction with organizations such as the Girl Scouts, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of ... Read More »

Google Acquires Satellite Company For $500 Million

Google announces that it purchase satellite company Skybox Imaging for $500 million all-cash deal to boost the Google Map and improve Internet access throughout the world. Skybox is known for designing satellites to capture images and deliver them to customers with details down to less than a meter. The tech giant said Skybox’s satellites will aid Google Maps with its ... Read More »

Google buys Skybox Imaging

Google Inc. has announced the official acquisition of the Skybox Imaging. Google would be using the satellite photos of the Skybox satellite for the Google Maps. The acquisition has been done reportedly on $500 million. According to the reports, the inexpensive satellites of the company would help Google to give more accurate details on the Google Maps. According to the ... Read More »

Google Receives 12,000 ‘To Be Forgotten’ Requests

On Google’s first day of ‘To Be Forgotten’ service, the company already received 12,000 requests.     Earlier in May, the European Court of Justice ruled that individuals have the right to have their information deleted online for certain circumstances such as outdated or inaccurate information. After setting up the form to allow Europeans to request to remove results about ... Read More »

Google Sets to Unveil Android TV this June

Google will launch its Android TV platform at the I/O 2014 developer conference this June, reports said. Although Google TV which was unveiled at I/O 2010 failed to take off, the company is still optimistic about its television plan that will be launched on June 25 and 26. Android TV will be a platform that will allow TV and set-top ... Read More »

Motorola To Shut Down Texas Factory

Google-owned Motorola Mobility will close its Texas smartphone factory before the year ends, only a year after it opened as the first smartphone factory in the U.S. Motorola Mobility spokesman Will Moss says sales of its flagship handset the Moto X were too weak and the higher costs of running the factory at Fort Worth was too high to keep ... Read More »