Tuesday , 21 October 2014
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California Man Charged for Intentionally Spreading HIV and Could Faces More Charges

A California man has been charged in San Diego with one count of willfully exposing himself, as an HIV infected individual, to another person, but authorities said he could face more charges as more victims could come forward. 29-year-old Thomas Guerra was accused of intentionally infecting at least 24 men in and around the San Diego area and hundreds more ... Read More »

New Study: Anti-Cancer Drug For HIV

On Tuesday, Danish scientists discovered a way to re-activate hidden HIV. This is definitely a milestone for the health industry since this can help find a cure against HIV.     The drug involved is called romidepsin which is under the brand name Istodax. The said drug treats the T-cell lymphoma type of cancer. When used, it can re-activate HIV ... Read More »

Governor Cuomo to eradicate HIV infection

Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York seeks to end the global epidemic of HIV infection now. He aims to do this through employing more intensive testing methods and treatment expansion. In his plans, he wishes to eradicate HIV infection in one blow.     He also plans to get rebates from major companies manufacturing anti-HIV drugs. What’s more, he says ... Read More »

False hopes for HIV vaccine gets researcher penalized

A researcher coming from the Iowa State University gets penalized after raising false hopes regarding the possible discovery of the HIV vaccine.     Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) is the main cause of Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS). It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, affecting most of the populations from both the┬ádeveloping and developed countries.     ... Read More »

CDC To Urge The Taking Of Pill To Prevent HIV Everyday

The endorsment of a prescription pill to be issued for those at risk for developing HIV has been has been issued by The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC) Truvada is the name of the drug that is recommended for those who do not have HIV, but are at risk for getting it by use of injection drugs ... Read More »