Friday , 22 August 2014
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Iceland raises Volcanic Eruption alarm


Thousands of small earthquakes are still shaking Iceland as the fear of volcanic eruption grows. The authority has already raised an alarm for the aviation in Iceland. The alarm level raised is Orange which is the second most in severity level. Seismologists say that the volcanic eruptions may soon take place at the Vatnajokull glacier which is Iceland’s largest one. However, ... Read More »

Japan and Iceland Topped the Global Life Expectancy Ranking

Japanese women have the highest female life expectancy in the world at 87, while men from Iceland have the highest male life expectancy worldwide at 81, the World Health Organization report shows. The ‘World Health Statistics 2014’ released by WHO shows that based on global averages, a girl born in 2012 could expect to live to about 73 and a ... Read More »